Planning a Trip to Tel Aviv? Here Are Places to Check Out!

If you want to spend a perfect weekend in Tel Aviv, there are many things that you could do in the entertainment capital of the Middle East, but there are several places that you simply must visit. A short trip guide for a one-night stay in the gemstone of Israel will provide everything you need for a memorable getaway: a hotel with perfect service, a novel place for dinner, and an amazing place to expand your cultural horizons!

Stay at Jaffa’s Market House Hotel

Among many interesting hotels where you can spend a night, Jaffa stands out thanks to its chic and trendiness. It is certainly an atmospheric place that has the authenticity of Byzantine architecture and the modernity of contemporary interior design with glass doors, leather furniture, and luscious wood panels. The lobby is a pleasant place where you can sit for a while and read a book from one of the numerous shelves around you.

Rooms are designed with contemporary trends in mind and immediately create an impression of an urban setting thanks to the many amenities included in the room’s equipment. You will find a straw hat that protects you from the burning sun and an espresso machine to drink a cup of coffee before going to one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Every room has a balcony and a large bathtub. The complementary package features a basket with fruits and candies and a bottle of fine local wine.

Eat at Manara — a contemporary restaurant with a progressive menu

The conceptual approach to building the menu at Manara is quite different from what you usually see in restaurants: the menu is divided into types like islands, land, sea, and main. Additionally, you can also check the menu of specials which are different each week. Chef Nimrod Hadas who runs the place wants to provide an exclusive experience.

You will be recommended a series of smaller dishes from geographical categories before getting your main course. Portions are tiny and can be described as testers that you can “experience” instead of packing as much as possible into your belly. Since it is a conceptual place, it is better to allow your server to guide you through the menu and trust their suggestion.

Eating here alone would cost about NIS 200 which is a high price but in line with what you can expect from high-end restaurants in Tel Aviv. Manara is a very special destination that will be appreciated by gastronomy enthusiasts who want to experience something new from the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Go to the Rubin Museum

One of the best places to visit if you like art. Currently, the museum has a unique exhibition as part of its art festival featuring all types of mediums and forms. People who enjoy contemporary art will be happy to visit it. The event wraps up after September 27, but the museum will continue welcoming visitors. Note that the ongoing renewal of the facility may be a problem if you do not plan your visit. It is better to call the museum to book a visit.

Finish the night at Duplex

One of the best nightclubs in Tel Aviv is a perfect destination if you want to experience the nightlife of the city. The club usually has a multitude of interesting events that you can check out. Some evenings have themes that are different for each of the three floors. Regardless of when you want to come, you will find something interesting going on in Duplex.

The place is noisy. It is on the cheaper end of the spectrum in terms of Tel Aviv’s nightclubs meaning that the audience is way more diverse than in Solo or The Block. All nightclubs work from Thursday to Sunday, so don’t bother checking them out on business days. Contemporary music, interesting performances, and good drinks are waiting for you in Duplex!