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The plant stores these days engage in e-commerce as well. Buying plants has become so handy that people are investing in upgrading their homes with the best quality plants. This is true that plants bring joy and color to any corner they are placed in. In this article, we are talking about a string of pearls in detail. The botanical name of this plant is Curio Rowleyanus, and it belongs to the family of Asteraceae. 

This plant’s main attractive feature is the strings hanging from its stem, making it look beautiful. It has small and irregularly shaped pods, which make this plant unique. These pearls are made to store a lot of water in them. It is an excellent indoor as well as outdoor plant. 

These plants are easy to spread. Cutting their leaves now and then ensures a proper shape and order. With low maintenance, the plant can outshine the ambiance of your home. 

Conditions required for better growth

Following are the conditions which a string of pearls needs to show optimal growth:-


A good drained and aerated soil is a must for a string of pearls to grow fully. The soil must have sufficient ventilation so excess water can drain away quickly. Proper drainage also enables good health of roots. Soil made up of cacti and succulents is quite a brilliant option. Mixing the soil with sand, perlite and bark can generate ample nutrients and make the solid smooth for healthy growth. 

It must be understood that regular potting soil will not be able to provide the nutrients required, so avoid using it. 


Frequent watering is not at all an issue with a string of pearls. It can go without water for long periods. In fact, excessive watering can rot the roots, so if you are watering the plant for a week, following a gap of a week or afterward. In summers and humid climates, keep the soil moist but lower it towards winter. Choose a well-drinking pot for your plant. 


A string of pearls needs low humidity as it originated in dry climates, so moisture is not much of a concern to its growth. They can survive in normal household conditions as well. Misting the plant is also unnecessary, as it can lead to the accumulation of pathogens. 


Direct or indirect sunlight for at least 6-8 hours daily is sufficient. During the morning, direct sunlight is apt, and towards the hot afternoon, indirect sunlight would do. Plant stores have planters of all kinds. Slightly raised or bucket pots allow such plants to retain light and sunshine. Keeping them outside will provide adequate light at night. You can pick a spot anywhere close to your window to give your plant the light it needs!


Fertilizing the string of pearls annually can benefit its growth a lot. Fertilizers keep the roots robust, and the nutrients reach every part of the plant, which cannot hamper its growth. Phosphorus is considered very useful for this plant, so find a fertilizer with a fair amount of nutrients to protect it from pests and diseases. 

Final Takeaway

Although it is a beautiful plant, you must know its sap can be toxic, too, for both people and animals. There are chances of infection, rash, dermatitis, inflammation, and pain. If eaten by any part of the plant by mistake, it can cause severe stomach infections leading to nausea and vomiting. It can also have some drooling effects. So when you visit any plant store online or offline, check the terms and conditions to keep yourself and your plant healthy.