Polka Dot Blouses: Fashionable Styles For Spring

It will not be an exaggeration to say that polka dot blouses have the right to claim both the title of a basic thing for every day, and an element of the most elegant images. At one time, models with various interpretations of the print were in favor with such women famous for their refined taste as Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Emily Blunt. The joyful and feminine pattern was also taken care of by such world fashion houses.

Polka dot blouses for spring

Therefore, it will not be an exaggeration to say that from this variety, both a young coquette and a respectable woman can choose a model for a stunning image. Let’s figure out what kind of blouses for the spring will be most in demand.

Blouse with ascot collar

Blouse with ascot collar

Let’s start with this truly versatile soldier. Sheer and sheer blouses with a laconic retro stand, softened by relatively wide long ribbons, can easily maneuver from a strict office format to street casual. The ribbons, which can be formed in various combinations, further increase the versatility of this elegant model, making it easy and delicate to experiment with business, urban, romantic styles.  Polka dot blouses with an ascot collar create striking ensembles for any women’s clothing in a classic style.

Peplum blouses

The design features of the style somewhat narrow the choice of fabrics from which such models are sewn. The material must hold its shape well for the peplum tops to be sculpted. Therefore, we choose fashionable blouses from:

  • muslin;
  • dense satin;
  • polyester;
  • crepe chiffon.

An ideal complement to a set with blouses with white polka dot blouses will be skirts with a tight silhouette, retro tulip-shaped skirts, tight-fitting trousers. And, of course, high-heeled shoes.

Wrap blouses

Wrap blouses

A wrap-around blouse with black polka dot blouses , with floors that create a sensual and even provocative neckline, is a true example of femininity. Choose white or red blouses this season to declare good taste at informal events. When choosing a bottom, be guided by the features of the figure: a bell skirt to the floor, a tight-fitting mini, skinny trousers, culottes that are daring in character.

Blouses with “peppercorns”

If white blouses seem too boring to you, then you have not seen. Split sleeve style (with a slit along the long sleeve from shoulder to wrist) is a must have for the spring-summer season. Chiffon blouses look especially piquant , but the list is not limited to them. You can buy a polka dot blouses from fabrics such as:

  • atlas;
  • silks;
  • viscose;
  • organza.

Combine blouses made of dense fabrics (knitwear, crepe, velor) with trousers, and blouses made of thin and weightless materials with a tight-fitting skirt that fits like a second skin. And yes, in one of these outfits, you can outshine even the most avid fashionistas with your style thrill.

In addition to the styles listed above, black, lilac, purple, blue blouses deserve attention :

  • with a collar apache or halter;
  • bustier models;
  • the fitted, soft-fitting silhouette of the model with a turn-down collar Peter Pan;
  • models with a straight cut outside and a laconic round neckline.
peppercorns blouse

Shopping non-stop

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