Popularity of Honor 10X Lite in KSA | Features

In October 2020, Honor 10X lite launched. This mobile provides 4GB of RAM with a 6.67″ touchscreen of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Immediately after its introduction, Honor 10X lite secured a remarkable market position.

Honor 10X Lite in KSA

Honor 10X Lite in KSA is famous for many reasons. Let’s explore what makes Honor 10X Lite in KSA the talk of the town.

Battery Life

Users don’t want to keep their mobile charged for hours in this busy life. Smartphones are now a bureau and consumers’ personal diary. Their everyday tasks involve a long lifespan of the battery.

Honor 10X lite has a battery of 5000 mAh and a powerful charging capacity of 22.5 watts. The Honor 10X lite is the perfect alternative to fee 38 hours, 23 hours of video, and 79 hours of radio.

More Data Storage

Time has shifted and people in their social media are now more involved than their social network. Photos, images, and social applications are collected and downloaded to remain linked.

Honor 10X lite delivers 128GB of customer storage along with up to 512GB of MicroSD. Users will now retain more data pieces with Honor 10X lite.

Unique Gaming Experience

The growth of the computer gaming industry has grown from the beginning of the first mobile game in 1994. The 10X lite Honor offers a rare gameplay experience. Everyone is fascinated by its wonderful qualities, from children to adults.

Photography and Video

The HONOR 10X Lite Quad Camera smartphone allows users to select multiple lenses depending on their favorite shooting style. An ultra-wide camera allows clients to take photographs from a larger angle. The best function for event recordings is the macro lens and depth help sensor.

Display and Color

For its exceptional style and coloring, the HONOR 10X Lite became known. In the Icelandic ice, emerald, and Midnight dark, the HONOR 10X Lite is open. With a screen-to-body ratio of 90.3%, each time users release their HONOR 10x lite, the HONOR 6,67″ FullView display10.


Because your comfort is essential, the multi-function NFC is designed for your smartphone with HONOR 10X Lite AI Quad to make your life more comfortable.


HONOR 10X Lite has a built-in side-placement control button and a fingerprint scanner that is quicker and more tactile than ever before. With a single tap, you can automatically open your phone. A 3.5mm headphone jack for fast listening and a Form C adapter also features HONOR 10X Lite for an effortless loading experience.

Multi Windows

You will now address messages in a floating window regardless of whether you play or watch a video without quitting the latest app used by HONOR 10X Lite. 

Simply dump and enter the app dock from either side of the screen and drag the app out to allow a Multi-Window feature. You can also drag and down several windows with images, text, or even files.

If you are in KSA and looking for Honor products then Honor Saudi is available at electronic shops, mobile stores, and online.