Power of a White Shirt

People always talk about how a black shirt looks cool even though it is a very basic color for a guy. What too many people fail to mention is the versatility that white shirts can bring to a man’s dressing. White has to be the most underrated color in the entire history of men’s wardrobes. A white shirt with collar can be a symbol of affluence, a casual statement at the beach, and even look right on the street. There are very few other outfit components that can do this. You can’t wear that navy blue, sharply cut suit to both the boardroom and the club. But you can wear a white shirt for both. Honestly, in our opinion, white looks good on every guy, even if it may be a bit harder to keep spotless. Can’t think of multiple ideas to style around the white in your wardrobe? Don’t worry! Here are 4 outfit ideas that center around white men’s shirts.

#1 The Layered White T-shirt

If you have a white T-shirt, you probably own one of the most deceptively versatile clothing articles in the world. Layering your clothes is a fantastic way to emphasize the white T-shirt in your outfit. In many cases, this outfit idea can use many of the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Personally, we prefer layering an open khaki shirt over your white T-shirt. A pair of stonewashed skinny-fit jeans and a spanking clean pair of white sneakers round off the look. This is the perfect look for a day out for a casual lunch or dinner or even a first date where you don’t want to overdress but still look good. With the sleeves rolled up to expose your forearms, you’ll achieve what looks like an effortless grace with minimal effort.   

#2 The Semi-Formal Beach Boy

Yes, we understand that most men prefer going topless to the beach. But some of us don’t have chiseled beach bodies to show off. Others may have sensitive skin that can easily burn under the summer sun at the beach. Whatever your reason, it is perfectly valid to wear a shirt to the beach. But that doesn’t mean you should just yank out your old gym shirt and swimming trunks and run to the coast. Outfit style is key, even in places where people may not be wearing a lot of clothes. That means you need to craft your beach look around something both practical and stylish. We have found that a pair of Hawaiian-print shorts and a crisp semi-formal white button-down shirt is a timeless beach look. A straw-woven Panama hat and a pair of retro-style sunglasses complete the look.   

#3 Crisp Formal White

 White is the perfect color for virtually every formal occasion there is. From a serious boardroom meeting to revelry at a wedding, a crisp formal dress shirt never looks out of place. Thanks to its “blank canvas” appeal, you can style it against any number of colors when it comes to suits and ties. In fact, with the growing business-casual trend, you can even style it with a pair of navy khakis. The monochromatic impact of a white formal shirt paired with dark, well-fitting trousers is unlike anything else. You look attractive, smart, and all-business at the same time. Be prepared for compliments from colleagues at the office coffee maker.  

#4 The Semi-Casual Street Saint  

In urban living, streetwear is an important part of a man’s wardrobe. In this decade, there seem to be no limits to what street style can involve. You may feel overwhelmed by the number of street trends, and they come and go so fast it is hard to keep track. A white semi-casual shirt and a pair of mens khaki jeans is the most sensible outfit in a time when trends change like fast-flowing water. The outfit, meanwhile is like a rock in the stream, standing steady while fashion trends flow past it. The street saint look may seem like a simple outfit, but that is exactly what makes you stand out on a busy street. Understated elegance always wins.


As we saw above, there are plenty of ways to style the white shirts in your wardrobe. These are by no means the only way for men to wear white. There are many other ideas, and you can vary different looks by switching things like sneakers and eyewear. You can even try out your own outfit combinations in front of the mirror. At the end of the day, what defines your style is you. And all you need to do is to step out of the drab, boring clothing you are used to and into the world of men’s style.