Preparing for a Hurricane

The months of June and November are when the threat of hurricanes rises.  It is crucial to prepare for a potential hurricane for those who live in areas where the danger is heightened.  There are specific steps people can make inside and outside the home to brace for the storm.  

Preparing Inside the Home

One of the first things that one can do to be ready for a hurricane is to put together an emergency kit.  A flashlight, portable radio, extra batteries, food with a long shelf life, bottled water, some cash, blankets, and other basic needs are all excellent things to include in the kit.  

The next thing would be to store important documents, birth certificates, legal papers, insurance policy information, etc., and put them in either a bolted safe in the home or a safety deposit box.

It will also be good to unplug all appliances within the home and move valuables away from windows and exterior doors. Instead, store these up high, like in a cabinet or closet.  Ensuring a full tank of gas and cell phones are entirely charged will also help prepare for a hurricane.

Preparing Outside the Home

There are also a few things to prep outside of the home.  For instance, securing exterior items such as patio furniture, potted plants, and outdoor toys are all things to consider.  If time, installing storm shutters may also be beneficial.  Also, consider moving vehicles, so they are not under a tree or power lines.

If the hurricane is severe and evacuation is a high possibility, identifying where to go will be vital.  A disaster relief company will have information and will aid in getting people to safety if needed. However, if evacuation is not an option, identifying a shelter room within the home is crucial.

All these steps will aid in ensuring safety for those living in places where the threat of hurricanes is elevated.