Professional Cleaning Company In Denmark

As a professional cleaning company, we put the customer’s wishes and needs at the center. We always perform professional and precise quality management. You can use us for daily cleaning, interval and head cleaning, business, as well as private. And we are very happy to make an offer for a specific task, just as we work on hourly wages, depending on your wishes. In addition, we offer window cleaning, property service, garden service, damage service, temporary service and much more. See what we can offer  here .

Rengøringsservice Denmark has more than many years of experience in the service industry. Every year, we perform cleaning of more than one million square meters, for more than many Danish office and industrial companies as well as many public buildings and institutions, etc.

We perform all kinds of cleaning tasks, from ordinary everyday cleaning tasks, to large complicated cleaning solutions for special customers. In addition, we also offer company cleaning / commercial cleaning as well as office cleaning. We tailor the cleaning solutions from customer to customer, so we always match the desired needs – based on the principle that “the customer is at the center”.

Our service assistants are among the most skilled in the industry and selected according to personality, professional skill and many years of experience. They are all in an ongoing development process with training, education and daily dialogue as well as updating from their superiors.

Private cleaning is a matter of trust!

If you need private cleaning, we can help you. And we also ensure here that you get a qualified and good service! Our private cleaning is perfect for you who seek help with cleaning in the private sector. We operate according to the latest principles in cleaning and thus

you ensure a cleaning that is performed professionally, and thus also a

cleaning that lives up to your expectations.

Experience is our strength

We know how much proper Privat rengøring private cleaning means to you. And our experience makes us take into account things that others may overlook. We provide e.g. always for a cleaning that is hygienic. Only red cloths are used for toilets and blue cloths for other things – and a new cloth is used for each toilet.

That is, many rags and many mops. But we have made the choice that your cleaning must be hygienic both for you – and for our employees.

Competent employees provide security

We always make sure that you have some competent and adequate employees

in your private home. At Rengøringshjælp, it is important that you trust us and the work we must complete. If you experience situations that give rise to insecurity, we react immediately to this and ensure that you are safe again.

Get a free offer – and a more manageable everyday life

Our help with your private cleaning gives you a more manageable and pleasant everyday life. Get, right now, a free quote on what it will cost you to get your home cleaned.

At jacobsens-rengø Denmark, it is a requirement that all employees are affiliated with our service academy, where the training course is agreed, so competencies and new methods are always part of our overall everyday life.

Our handheld quality assurance solution (via smartphone) means that we are always and “on the second hand” 100% up to date with the execution of the work, the quality assurance and all associated processes.

Our cleaning services are certified according to quality management system and the Nordic cleaning standard and we put a virtue in complying with the Service Standard prepared by Danish Industry. This helps to ensure that we constantly live up to what has been agreed – both in terms of level and scope.

Therefore, you can expect us to offer only the most quality-conscious solutions, where all processes and procedures are closely monitored and customers can always be confident and knowledgeable that even the most stringent procedures, safety and hygiene requirements are met.

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