Pros and cons of offering Google Pay As a Payment Mode To Customers

Google Pay

In today’s fast-paced world, the requirement for quick and easy solutions for all things is increasing day by day. One of the most effective introductions in the market in recent years is mobile payments through multiple mobile payment applications including Amazon pay, Google pay, Apple Pay, and then other options available from country to country. All these Unified Payments Interface methods are highly successful in all the different markets around the world.

As far as India is concerned, out of all the different mobile payment methods available, Google pay has become a must-have mobile application for all mobile users today. There are so many reasons why Google pay has announced itself to be extremely beneficial and one of the best UPI applications available in the country, even when the Google pay limit per day might be a disadvantage for some users at a certain point. To understand better, let us discuss the pros and cons of Google pay in detail below. 

Pros of Google Pay

Easy To Use

One of the biggest advantages of using Google Pay for payment to shop windows, online transactions, and between friends and family members is the ease of this mobile application’s integration. It is highly user-friendly and allows quick and easy payment transfer from one end to the other, without leaking the buyer information for payment to anyone. It is one of those mobile applications that aid digital payments for all transactions, whether online or offline as most of the sellers accept this payment method. 

Increased Security

The application on Google play is designed with multiple layers of tough safety and security to ensure that no money in your account is stolen or used by a third person without your approval. All the information regarding the bank account number or card numbers you use for Google payment is secured as it is set up in a virtual model, to provide added security. Moreover, you also need to add in a one-time security code for each transaction you wish to complete through Google pay, providing better guarding against hacking. 

Elimination of Wallets

You no longer have to carry multiple cards or cash to complete transactions when you go shopping in a mall as with Google pay, the payment is completed online. All you need is a mobile phone with the Google pay application to send the money to the vendor in just a few quick minutes. Additionally, with the increasing user interaction with Google pay, the majority of the retailers are also now accepting Google pay more than any other payment method as it is hassle-free and requires nothing but a mobile phone. 

Rewards And Gifts

Out of all the different reasons motivating customers to use Google pay as the chosen mode of payment, the major motivation behind the increasing usage is the numerous rewards and gifts available for each transaction the user completes. These rewards and gifts are in the form of discount coupons from multiple brands and online websites, along with referral programs to add two more reward points and loyalty to the store. 

Cons of Google Pay

After discussing the multiple advantages of using Google pay to complete all your transactions, to physical as well as online retailers, leaders also look into the opposite end of this by diving deeper into the potential disadvantages of the same below. 

Google Pay Limit Per Day

One of the main potential downsides of using Google pay for online payments is the Google pay limit per day which might not be beneficial for all users. With the Google page limit per day of Rs.1,00,00 only for 24 hours. If you wish to transfer or transact more money, you need to wait for 24 hours to end. Additionally, another google pay limit her day is the maximum request of Rs.2000 that can be asked from another user in a day. Along with the google pay limit per day of Rs.1 lakh, you can also send money using this application for a maximum of 10 times a day. 

Not All Mobile Friendly

Another reason why users are not completely comfortable with this mobile application is that it is not available for each of the mobile designs available today. Instead, only the recent mobile models that come with NFC allowed sending different transaction data from one payment terminal to the other. However, if your mobile device does not support NFC, using Google pay might be difficult. 

Lack Of Receipts And Bills

Even though the ease of making payments through Google pay is very high, the lack of visible bills and receipts of payment completion can be a concern for multiple retailers. This is because, when a customer pays through a card or bank account, a receipt is created for the chosen payment method. However, with Google pay, only a chat screenshot is available as proof.

Overall, to conclude, the advantages of using Google pay outnumber the potential disadvantages for the same. Google Pay is slowly becoming the only chosen mobile payment method by both retailers, vendors as well as customers. The process is very less time-consuming, requires bare minimum information and one-time password protection to complete payment. Try today and see for yourself the ease it brings to your payments as well as your life. Just remember the Google pay limit per day to plan your transactions well in advance.

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