Questions You Need to ask from Courier Services

There are many international courier services nowadays that can help you send a courier to USA from India. However, not all shipping companies are good. While there are major players in the industries such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, other smaller shipping services can do a good job at much lower international courier charges. One Golden rule that you can follow when choosing a courier service is to always go with the shipping service that has a good reputation in the market. The reputable shipping services can guarantee the safe delivery of the Courier to Thailand from India.

Benefits of Choosing Reliable Shipping Company

For an individual or business, safe delivery of the product or the item in the hands of a family member or customer is crucial. Here are the advantages you can enjoy by choosing the right shipping partner for your business or yourself:

  • A reliable partner can guarantee the safe delivery of your item or product
  • With the right shipping partner, you enjoy the fair International courier charges for your courier
  • Using a good International courier service helps in building customer trust in your business
  • On-time delivery to your family member, client or customer

So, you get the idea of why finding the correct shipping service to deliver your courier to Inida from USA is so important.  However, when there are hundreds of shipping services, finding a correct shipping partner can hard. The only solution you have is to ask the right questions from the shipping companies; that way, you can find the best shipping companies that suit your budget. 

To help you out, we have listed a few questions that can help you to find the perfect delivery partner for your courier. Moreover, you can ask these questions in case you need to find the best shipping services for your eCommerce business. 

Here are the questions that can help you figure out the best international courier services for your business or yourself:

What Kind of Courier Service is best for you?

Specifically, you will find two types of courier service for sending your courier to USA from India

  • Postal Services 
  • Express Courier Service

Choosing one type of service can create a lot of difference, as both are different from each other in terms of delivery method, delivery timing, and price. 

If you go with the Postal Service, then you are choosing a courier service that is simple and cheap. The problems that you might face with the Postal delivery service are they take a lot of time delivering the courier, and others they do not operate globally. Therefore, in case you want your product to reach its destination at a specific period, you should not go with the Postal Delivery Service. 

The other courier service that you can use is Express Delivery Services. The express delivery services are quite complex with their pricing. The Courier Charges from India to USA of the express delivery companies depend on various factors such as fuel surcharges, remote area surcharges, and parcel-handling fees. Therefore, international courier charges of express delivery service are quite high than the charges of the postal delivery services.

However, express delivery services operate globally that makes them perfect for your e-commerce business o for the people looking to send an item to a foreign country. Moreover, the express delivery services take into account that the courier to United States from India is correctly handled and reach its destination safe and on time.

Can the Courier Service handle the item safely?

Your goal when making an international courier is to make sure the item reaches to a recipient in one-piece. So, you must ask the shipping company about their track record of handling fragile items. You would not like the precious family heirloom to be broken en route.  Therefore, ask them if they are capable enough to handle your courier. Furthermore, you can ask them about their resources, such as a delivery vehicle, warehouse, and a number of employees. That way, you can get the idea about the company capable of handling goods.

Can they handle the Dangerous or Special Goods?

Some item requires special arrangements. For example, Pharmaceutical good might require temperature control rooms or carrier to maintain the medicine in perfect condition. Another product, such as batteries and chemicals comes into the category of “dangerous goods”. The dangerous goods have a risk associated with them during transportation.  Therefore, the courier service must be specialized in delivering such goods, as to carry these item shipping company needs to make extra arrangements.