Quickbooks vs. Quicken

Quicken and QuickBooks arise as the ideal choice for many small businesses. While QuickBooks incorporates wider aspects of business Quicken fulfills the basic ones. However, they are developed by the same company Intuit but the features they hold are quite different. In this guide, we will learn an elaborated difference between QuickBooks vs. Quicken. So, just make sure to read it thoroughly and take the one which suits you best. 

Some Points of Quicken Vs. QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks contains all the features that a small business needs.
  • Intuit has brought these two tools among us. 
  • Quicken is best known among individuals who want to record investment, budgeting, balances, and other things. 
  • QuickBooks is costlier than Quicken because of its vast range of features. 
  • Quicken comes as the savior for all families who want to keep a track of daily expenses that too in the lesser price. 

At times Quicken and QuickBooks being software becomes corrupted with technical glitches and bugs that make the error appears like Quicken won’t open and QuickBooks6000 error series. As the error would be found on both of the software so the main idea of differentiating them will be based on features. Check out the remaining post to know what all other features these two have for you. 

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is fully-fledged accounting software that every business uses to keep an eye on expenses. It has incorporated some of the best features like expense management, payment processing, tax filling, account tracking, invoicing, reconciliation, budgeting, account payable, and accounts receivable. With the list of features, you may get an idea about its dynamicity. There is no specific need to define QuickBooks as it has some of the best features.

The feature will be added up according to different versions of QuickBooks like QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Payroll, and so on. The thing that you will find the best about QuickBooks is its quick services and easy-to-use interface. While it is hard for an individual to get into QuickBooks, businessmen can get into a smooth ride with it. 

Well, QuickBooks provides the best platform for every small and medium-sized enterprise. So, if you want to trust a platform then make sure to have this software on your device. You can also have 24×7 assistance support from the QuickBooks enterprise support team. Also, through the magnificent tool QuickBooks tool hub, you can resolve as many errors as possible. It will be all on your needs and requirements on choosing which versions of QuickBooks. 

Rather than the versions mentioned above, QuickBooks also comes up with desktop and online versions. QuickBooks desktop enables you to access the company file from one place and QuickBooks online makes your data file available to different platforms like web browsers, smartphones, and tablets, etc.

What is Quicken? 

Quicken is mainly designed for families and individuals who want a smooth interface to operate the daily expenses. Quicken helps to figure out different things like transactions, personal budgeting, investment, account balances, loan, and other different things. It also comes with versions. If you go with the premier one then there you become able to record small business and rental properties. 

The information that you have put in becomes automatically updated. Also, things like investment, bank, and credit account would be present in just one place. With the cost basis features, you get to know about the tax implications of selling, building, and buying the portfolio. 

Yes, it is not as huge as QuickBooks in terms of features but, you can easily use it if you are having a side business or work as a freelancer. Quicken also has both online and desktop versions. 

What are the Differences Between Quicken and QuickBooks

QuickBooks is beneficial for those who run a small business but if this is your side business then don’t get into the hustle of having QuickBooks. Rather than, use Quicken for taking advantage of tracking side business and operating your individual’s expense too. Quickbooks would prove to be more problematic not only because of its difficult interface but also through expenses. 

In situations other than that, like operating a full-fledged business must have QuickBooks. It can save lots of time and money that you invest in different things for accomplishing business tasks. Once you get through its features carefully, you will learn how dynamicity QuickBooks brings to your business. 

At times, users find that QuickBooks offers more than the requirement that makes them switch to Quicken. So, you can also do the same, first, make a list of all your requirement and then know which software is best for you.  

Well, the market is not stored with only these two software. There are many alternatives to them. You can move ahead and learn other alternatives of Quicken and QuickBooks. 

Quicken and QuickBooks Alternatives

There are many different alternatives for Quicken that you can choose such as Personal Capital, Tiller, You Need a Budget (YNAB), and Mint. If you want to have a look at QuickBooks alternatives then here are the names like FreshBooks, Wave, Xero, Zoho, and Sage. 

Final Word!

So, this is a quick guide about Quicken vs. QuickBooks. We hope that the article above has resolved your every query. If you have still some doubts left then make sure to leave a comment below.