Radiant color – hair care for colored hair

Almost every woman (and certainly some men) has dyed or tinted their hair at some point in their lives – occasionally it just needs a new look. Some refresh their usual color regularly, others just want to experiment a little. For both cases, we have brought along tips on how you can best care for your freshly colored hair. Especially for those who are trying coloring for the first time, this can help to keep the new hairstyle looking fresh and shiny for a long time. But even those who have tried and tested for a long time do not know all the tricks and can certainly benefit from this article.

Three types of hair coloring

The color pack of the coloration usually comes in three variants: a light tint, the intensive tint and the permanent tint. The light tint, which can often be found in drugstores, disappears after just 2-4 washes. This is because the pigments hardly penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair and have a rather superficial effect. The intensive tint, on the other hand, lasts about 6-8 weeks and then fades when the pigmentation decreases. Therefore it lies exactly between the permanent coloring and the light tinting; as well as the ingredients. An intensive tint has a lower ammonia content and, at less than 3%, a lower oxidation value than a real tint. Although a certain dose of ammonia is necessary to break up the hair structure and thus introduce the color pigments into the hair, the hair fibers are less damaged with less ammonia. However, there is one thing that tinting cannot achieve – and that is lightening the hair. Thus, a change of several color levels can only be realized with one coloring, which, however, also requires a particularly intensive care routine. Just like with an intensive toner, with the right products and new habits, you can maintain a healthy shine and a strong hair structure for a long time.

What products are needed for colored hair?

Hair care series for colored hair are a dime a dozen and it is often difficult to find the best products. Therefore, you should first make sure to use care products that do not further damage the hair. Regular shampoos usually contain sulfates and silicones, which further dry out and roughen the hair. Although the hair appears soft and shiny at first, the effect does not last long before the hair becomes brittle. In order to avoid this, the second important point is essential: if possible, to buy the hair care in a uniform series, since the change of different ingredients is also irritating. Which brings us to the next point – take good care of your new hairstyle by also investing in your favorite brand conditioner, mask and other care products. It pays off, because after just a few weeks you can see the difference. One example is the “Hair Expertise Pure Colour” series from L’Oréal Paris, which is particularly gentle with juniper oil. In addition, the entire range is sulfate-free, making it ideal for very dry hair. The basic is always the Pure Color Shampoo , then every wash should be followed by the Pure Color Conditioner follow. It is at least as important not to wash your hair too often. When washing, the hair fibers swell up, which dries out the hair and gradually flushes out pigments. You should therefore completely avoid washing your hair for the first 48 hours after the dyeing process. The Elvital Color range is best suited for more comprehensive hair care. In addition to a shampoo and conditioner, it is worth purchasing the Elvital Color Shine Mask and the daily care spray. It acts like a conditioner and makes styling easier by leaving the hair soft and manageable. The day cream works in a similar way , which does not have to be washed out and also contains UV protection. It ensures that colored hair does not fade in the sun – and is therefore indispensable in summer and even more so on vacation.

Final hair care tips for colored hair

Dyed or tinted hair is a little more sensitive and needs gentle treatment. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully wrap your hair in a towel in the morning instead of rubbing it dry, because then the cuticle of the hair is roughened even more. Then blow-dry your hair on the lowest setting with a high-quality hair dryer that distributes the heat evenly. Heat protectants are also helpful for this purpose if you don’t already have other products in your hair. In the end, only one thing is really missing: regular trimming at the hairdresser’s. At the latest every three months, a visit to the hairdresser ensures a beautiful color gradient and prevents split ends. You will notice that your colored hair will still look great even after several weeks.