Ranger Boat Trailer Boats – Factors to Consider

When it comes to ranger boat trailer boats or once you look for ranger boat trailer boats for sale, there are several things to consider. Fiberglass boats are less expensive, quieter, and more durable but also more prone to dings and dents. Both brands offer custom paint options, but the process is not as straightforward as you’d think. So whether you opt for fiberglass or Lund depends on the features you want in your boat.

Less expensive than fiberglass

If you’re in the market for a new fishing boat, you may wonder whether fiberglass or aluminum is the best choice. Ranger is a relatively new player in the boat trailer industry, and they only began building aluminum models in 2013. However, the fiberglass know-how they acquired in building models for the Reata line helped them design an aluminum model that meets U.S. Coast Guard standards for flotation. It’s also less expensive than fiberglass, so you’ll save money by choosing this type of boat.

An aluminum model is a good option for people looking for a more affordable fishing boat. These boats are great for beginners and can be half the price of some fiberglass models. They come with custom-matched trailers and are less expensive than fiberglass Ranger boats. They also feature limited lifetime warranties on the hull and structure. In addition, the rigs can be customized on the internet, which saves you a trip down to the boat store.


The Ranger boat trailer is the ultimate transport for your favorite watercraft. Lighter and more durable, the Ranger is a good choice for a family boat or for use as a fishing trailer. With its custom in-house wiring harnesses and keyless ignition, this trailer will get you where you need to go in no time. You’ll appreciate the custom gauges, including fuel, oil, trim, tachometer, and speedometer.

The Ranger features custom-designed topsides that cater to fishing. The bass boat heritage is visible in the boat’s design. A pedestal mount gives occupants a more comfortable ride. A large aerated Livewell is included, which is unusual for a boat in this class. Located under the leaning post, this Livewell is larger than many competitors. There are six seats, so you can easily fit six people inside.


If you’re looking for a boat trailer that can accommodate an outboard motor, consider the Ranger Z520C. It features a wide-body design and a setback at the transom for improved boat handling. This trailer is designed specifically for the Z520C, which includes a custom tandem-axle Ranger Trail trailer. The boat also features a fishing platform and can accommodate kicker motors.

This boat trailer features quieter rides, reducing noise and vibration throughout the boat. It features a unique paper-like fabric between fiberglass layers to minimize vibration. In addition, a ranger’s interior voids are lined with foam material, reducing noise and vibration. The design is made to last so that you can enjoy your boat trailer for many years. It’s also able to store larger boats without causing damage to the trailer.


A durable Ranger boat trailer can take any Ranger and Stratos boat and make towing a breeze. The aft casting deck of the Ranger VS1780 folds down and opens up, while a boarding ladder is built for easy boarding. In addition, the ranger trail boat trailer is equipped with Road Armor, a protective coating that protects the boat from road chips and dings. It also features water-resistant wiring and lighting for safety and security.

The Ranger boat’s warranty covers the hull and other parts, such as the pumps and electrical system. This warranty is the company’s way of ensuring quality. They’ve built their reputation on toughness and durability over decades, using premium materials and a pultruded manufacturing process. Unfortunately, several owners have reported Livewell problems, as well. Some trailer lights also malfunction. Fortunately, the ranger boat company has responded to these problems under warranty.


The Ranger Boat Company is redefining the experience of customizing your dream rig. They have revamped their Custom Finish Shop to make the process easier for you. In addition to having more detailed views, the new tool lets you share your vision with friends. You can even choose the exact color of the hull, the colors of the seats, and the console. In addition, the custom finish shop offers an exclusive L.E.D. lighting package for the cockpit, which can be installed in your Ranger Boat trailer.

The new Ranger RT188C is an excellent crappie fishing rig, with three-across seating and an aerated live well. The boat also features a rod locker eight feet 6 inches long and ample storage. In addition, customized Ranger boats feature the legendary Ranger build processes and materials, which deliver a truly memorable fishing experience. The Ranger RT188C also includes an aerated live well, two-tier hulls, and a dual-lid livewell.

Cost of maintenance

The cost of maintenance on a trailer boat can vary greatly. While a basic wash may cost about $200 to $400 a year, yearly maintenance can run as high as $1500. Depending on how much you use the boat, this amount can jump to more than $1500 per year. However, you can easily keep your ranger boat trailer clean and looking like new for as long as you like by applying a coat of wax or protectant to the hull every few weeks.

Before driving your trailer boat, use the side-view mirrors and practice maneuvering the vessel. Make sure the boat is level, and the mooring lines are secured. Check for the presence of the safety chain and the hubs of the trailer. If the hubs are hot to the touch, the trailer bearings will likely be damaged. It’s also good to practice backing up, turning, and accelerating your trailer boat before leaving the dock.