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Turkey has always been the best country in the European region and for a good reason. Its steady economy, geopolitical position, and giant business community attract more business holders to expand their business here. 

It’s online or offline, Turkey has a lot of opportunities for business holders. For an Online business in Turkey, you will need a website and for that, you have to buy a server to protect your data and give your clients 100% security. 

Whether it’s an eCommerce site, a blogging site, or a personal site, you will need good hosting for your site and this is only possible when you choose a dedicated server. For the best dedicated server Turkey, you need to understand what a dedicated server is and how it will help your website.

Why is a dedicated server in Turkey good for a business and in what way will it help?

What is a dedicated server:

A server that provides the best security and high page load speed to a site is what an industrialist needs. A dedicated server is a server that gives you exactly what you need for a website. It is an unsharing server that gives you a flexible resource limit and optimal performance to your site.

Why is a dedicated server Turkey good for your business?

A website will need a dedicated server as soon as it will be getting more traffic.  A product-based company or a blog website, every business needs it because a dedicated server will help you to stabilize your clients and protect their privacy. 

Turkey’s dedicated servers are highly recommended for medium to large business holders to protect their critical online business data.

Some of the key points are written below to understand better about dedicated servers in Turkey:-

  1. Server Management-  Reliability is the key factor that is why most industrialists choose a dedicated server as a web hosting for their site. A fully managed server is supervised by an expert IT team. It is also very easy to manage on your own.
  1. Scalability- Most businesses, as they are small or large, have goals to grow a larger customer base and increase revenues. A dedicated server gives the best performance when there are traffic spikes.
  1. Security- There is no way to buy any other web hosting when it comes to security. A dedicated server provides unparalleled protection and accessibility to install security software like anti-malware programs.
  1. Administrative access- A dedicated server offers administrative access to install any software program. The user is in complete control of what tools a dedicated server will provide.
  1. High Availability- The dedicated server provider implements high-level technology to protect your server. The interconnect hardware that boosts your server is managed by a hosting provider. You do not need to worry about the management, the hosting provider will be there for you.
  1. Operating System Choices- With a dedicated server, you can install an operating system that suits your business. Most server hosting providers allow you to run the OS(Linux or Windows Server OS).
  1. Control Panel Options- Control panel makes it easier to manage your server and hosting applications. Most of the dedicated server providers offer Cpanel, Plesk, or WHM to control the applications, it’s easy to use.

Generally dedicated servers come with high prices in the market because of their highly advanced features to protect the data but some of the companies give an affordable price with 24/7 support. 

One of the companies that provide affordable dedicated servers in Turkey, is SERVERWALA. Serverwala provides the best dedicated server Turkey in all prime locations. They give you a vast range of bandwidth and plans. You will get exceptional support from a highly skilled IT Team for 24/7 hours.

Serverwala’s Turkey dedicated server features

High SecurityServerwala’s dedicated server provides high security even when your website is getting high traffic to secure all your data and clients’ privacy.
Premium BandwidthA bare metal dedicated server comes with the fastest network i.e. 100MBps to GBps.
Hardware RAIDDedicated server Turkey supports RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, and RAID10.
Robust NetworkMultiple network exchanges, including Extreme-IX bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI from industry-leading service providers. 
Unique IP AddressA dedicated server gives you a unique ID and IT is IPv4 and IPv6.

Reasons to choose serverwala as your dedicated server hosting provider

  1. Optimal website performance- Opting for a dedicated server in Turkey, serverwala ensures maximum uptime and guarantees unlimited bandwidth to your website.
  1. Full Administrative Access- With serverwala’s Turkey dedicated server, you can install the custom applications, scale-up resources, and security software. You have full access to it with a control panel.
  1. Security is a top priority- Where it’s a small business or a large firm, you can expect security like DDoS protection, SSL certificate, etc. Their highly skilled IT experts team is there to support you 24/7 hours. 
  1. Lightning-fast speed- Speed is the most important factor why businesses choose a dedicated server. It gives you more optimal and reliable infrastructure, robust processors, SSD storage, etc. This ensures the high speed of your website.
  1. Cheap Price- serverwala provides a dedicated server at a cheap price to grow your business without worrying about money.
One-Month $220-$450(16GB-32GB)
One-year $2429-$4968(16GB-32GB)


There is not a single reason why you do not opt for a Turkey dedicated server to grow your business. A dedicated server is definitely worth the money to serve your website as it has features like high security, page load speed, accessibility, and many more.

Serverwala offers you the best dedicated server in Turkey to help you to grow your business globally. Their plans are also affordable even if it’s a dedicated server. If you have plans to achieve big goals for your business a dedicated server will help you 100%.

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