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If you are looking for a organic YouTube promotion with real viewers, real interaction, and real growth, then I have a good answer for you here: AdsCanHelp.

If you’ve never heard of this name, that’s okay. This article is here to help you, just as AdsCanHelp can help you with your YouTube channel in need of growth.

We all know how strong YouTube is right now. And in the future, YouTube will certainly still grow for a long time. Businesses and many individuals already consider YouTube as a medium of their business. It’s true, there are YouTubers who make millions of dollars a year from their YouTube channel.

Do you also want to join this industry? Then you need a friend to accompany you on the path of growth. And AdsCanHelp would be a good choice. So let’s learn about them, and how they can help you with your YouTube channel. Let’s start!

AdsCanHelp: New promotion solution for YouTube channel

About AdsCanHelp

AdsCanHelp is an agency for YouTube promotion. They provide you with YouTube related promotional services. Simply put, if you need to grow a YouTube channel, go to them.

AdsCanHelp was recently established. However, don’t let this newness fool you. Their team is all experts with many years of experience in promoting YouTube and many other social channels. They are experienced guys and have done many other famous promotional projects. We’ve worked with them before and really admire their marketing knowledge.

When you look at a YouTube channel, you know that the channel has to grow. And AdsCanHelp when looking at a YouTube channel, they knows what to do to make it grow.

With the quality of its services, AdsCanHelp has been recognized by Google as Google’s acceleration program for partners. AdsCanHelp will be a solution for your YouTube channel. They will provide a comprehensive solution to promote the image of content creators or businesses through YouTube.

If your Google keywords like “YouTube promotion service”, “Real YouTube Video Promotion”, “Promotion for YouTube channel”, etc. there are billions of results for you. There are many places that offer you the service of promoting via YouTube. And it is not difficult to find places that provide these services. But we will only always come up with something you can trust and really work for you. AdsCanHelp is the name we would suggest for you to try out their service. The only reason you probably haven’t heard much about them is that they’re relatively new.

Effectiveness of promotion

To talk about the effectiveness of advertising services from AdsCanHelp, let’s take a look at some of the major promotional projects that AdsCanHelp has implemented.

Do you know Uncle Roger’s YouTube channel? Uncle Roger also used AdsCanHelp’s service to promote the video “Uncle Roger Review $242 vs $13 Fried Rice (Epicurious)”. The promotional campaign earned Uncle Roger more than 3 million views, 120,000 likes, and more than 90,000 new channel subscriptions. That’s an impressive number.

Not only that, but AdsCanHelp has also implemented many other promotional campaigns and collected dozens of thousands of views, thousands of likes, and thousands of new channel subscriptions. It is certainly not an exaggeration to affirm that AdsCanHelp’s promotion service is really effective.

So what do they do to achieve such huge numbers? The answer is the devotion they give you. 

With AdsCanHelp, they use Google Ads to promote your YouTube channel. The aim is to bring your channel views and quality interactions. As soon as your promotional video starts to kick in, you will easily get new channel subscriptions. These channel subscriptions are completely qualified and guaranteed for you. AdsCanHelp promises you that bots and click farms will never be accepted by them. 

Not only helps your channel reach many people, but AdsCanHelp also helps you promote to the right people. Think of it like this, your YouTube channel publishes content about eSports. It is a waste of advertising resources to promote to an audience that is not interested or doesn’t like eSports. Advertising resources here are the money you spend. Instead, AdsCanHelp will help you reach the right people, and the right audience, and even exploit more audiences that you may not know are also interested in your channel’s topic.

And that’s how AdsCanHelp calls their service is real Features YouTube video promotion.

Customer support

As for customer support, their customer support team is also very professional. AdsCanHelp often works with large partners and businesses, so it is understandable when AdsCanHelp trains themselves as a very professional customer support team.

Even if you only use their service to promote a single video, their support team will always be enthusiastic to resolve service-related issues. AdsCanHelp always aims to give its customers the best service experience. So you won’t believe how quickly they handle the problem as soon as it is reported.

In addition to problems with YouTube promotions, AdsCanHelp’s customer support team is also very enthusiastic about contacting their customers to report on metrics and content that you need to improve for your channel to grow. With the enthusiastic support of the customer care team, sure you will have no problem with AdsCanHelp’s service.


The price is also something worth mentioning at AdsCanHelp. Starting at $39 your video can easily earn from 2000 to 4000 new views with AdsCanHelp. Unexpected growths will not charge any extra fees outside of their contract. This means that even if you add thousands of new channel subscriptions from promotional videos, AdsCanHelp will not charge you any extra fees. This also makes sense because it’s your content is quality and it’s easier to attract viewers. And AdsCanHelp’s promotion service will only be a lever to make your video more accessible to viewers.

The $39 price tag isn’t cheap, but it’s not expensive either. There are many services out there that they say can give you growth on YouTube with promotion. However, do you trust them enough to entrust the YouTube channel to them? And remember one thing, there is no cheapest service that is good. The cheaper price means that they will cut a few stages, shorten the time, etc.

To talk about the $39 price of AdsCanHelp, I would say it’s reasonable, not too cheap, and not too expensive. With AdsCanHelp, you can easily choose how much you want to spend on YouTube promotion in 1 week. However, if you find that you have achieved the desired effect, you can stop using AdsCanHelp’s YouTube promotion service at any time.

Service quality

And now comes the most important part, the overview of AdsCanHelp. Based on the above analysis, I will give AdsCanHelp an overall score of 9 points:

  • Effectiveness of promotion: 9.5/10
  • Customer support: 9/10
  • Price: 8.5/10

Talking about AdsCanHelp’s YouTube channel promotion service, in general, they have developed almost comprehensively about this service. However, with the strong development of YouTube, there are also many additional services for YouTube that AdsCanHelp should develop more to be able to compete with bigger names.

Why use real YouTube video promotion?

A newly established YouTube channel is difficult to reach viewers on YouTube. Developing a new YouTube channel must combine content development and promotion.

We understand that creating a video and uploading it to YouTube is not easy either. Creating a video takes up a lot of time. And be mindful of how promoting the video you’ve just created can overwhelm you. And this is also the first reason that many people look to a third-party YouTube promotion service. Third-party advertising services save you a lot of time. They will know what to do to help your video reach the best time to post on YouTube to as many people as possible.

More importantly, you have to find real YouTube promotion services. No one wants to spend money to reach thousands of bots or spam clicks. That’s why you need to find reputable websites. Committed places guarantee you that you will receive real and quality interaction.

There is another service that is also quite famous that you may have heard of, which is buying views, likes, and channel subscriptions. I advise you not to try these services. Because most of these services are recorded as using bots or clicking spam. That will definitely affect your YouTube channel.

Can AdsCanHelp be trusted?

AdsCanHelp assures you that its method of promotion is completely legal and does not violate any YouTube terms of service. If your account is locked by YouTube due to AdsCanHelp’s service, you will be compensated 100%.

As a partner of Google, AdsCanHelp is definitely a place you can trust. We have also experienced AdsCanHelp’s service for ourselves and realized how effective it is for our YouTube channel. We fully understand that your YouTube channel is your brainchild, and in the future, it can grow even bigger. So we have a piece of advice for you if you are looking for YouTube promotion services: Try AdsCanHelp.

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So we have come to the end of the article “New real YouTube video promotion: AdsCanHelp – 2022 Service”. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article.

I believe you have chosen a name to accompany you on the path of YouTube channel development. Wish you and your YouTube channel will grow soon.

Hope to see you soon in other useful articles!