Reasons Casement & Double Casement Windows Are Great For Your Home

Most people use their life savings to build a dream home to comfort themselves and their loved ones. Everybody wants to build a home that offers excellent value. Owning a home is not easy. The maintenance of the house post-construction could get challenging, especially if one didn’t plan the house well. While building a house, you must always have a long-term plan. Your home should not require frequent upkeep. However, consideration of the Double Casement Windows for the house is a huge deal.

You might be seeking the latest window designs to include in your dream home- from sliding to double-hung to the sash. According to the reviews of most homeowners, casement and double casement windows are a better fit for their homes. 

What are casement windows?

Windows attached to the frame using one or more hinges at the side are known as casement windows. These windows open at a 90-degree angle. When the hinges are fixed at the top of the window, they are called awning casement windows. But when the hinges are set at the bottom, they become hopper casement windows. 

So, what do we mean by double casement windows?

Double casement windows have two sashes that open from the center. This type of window design is also known as French casement windows. The hinges are on each side in this custom option. You can operate it with a single, easy-to-reach handle. 

Windows play a significant role in enhancing the home’s exterior. Thus, windows must be manufactured to last for decades. Casement windows offer several benefits, especially to those who are committed to their home’s performance. 


The health and comfort of your family largely depend on the quality of air inside your home. Windows regulate the ventilation in your home. Casement and Double Casement Windows are ideal solutions for optimal home ventilation. A lever or crank is used to swing the window open or close. These windows open completely, allowing more air to pass in and out of the house.


Casement windows are designed for convenience and accessibility. Homeowners can easily open and close the window. They can also clean and inspect them a bit more conveniently than the other window designs. Older people and those with disabilities can use the crank and operate the window without struggling to push open a heavy or rigid window.


Casement windows have an airtight seal. When closed, these windows work best if you are looking to save energy in your house. It has the best possible seal against outside elements and is the highest-performing solution. The energy efficiency of casement and double casement windows is enhanced by combining them with Low-E glass.


Installing or repairing a casement window is easier and cheaper than you may assume. If your frame is in good condition, you will not need a complete replacement. All you need to change is the casement window parts, the window sash, or the casing around the window’s glass panel. 

Protection & Security:

You won’t see an entirely foolproof window. However, a casement or a double casement window is comparatively better when keeping intruders away. It is harder to break into a home through the casement window. When an intruder breaks open the glass, the crank on the window will be difficult to turn from the broken glass. Unless the crank is turned, the intruder cannot get into the house.

Innovative design details:

Casement windows were used in traditional houses. Although it’s not one of the latest window designs, these windows are just as beautiful today as they were centuries ago. With skilled detailing and attractive colors, the casement windows seem to be trending designs even in the years to come.