Reasons to Cultivate your Own Marijuana Seeds

Choosing to produce your own cannabis can be an excellent way to save money and acquire a great deal of control over the product you inhale. Considering how many people smoke marijuana on a global scale, just a select handful of us actually grow it.

The truth is that producing marijuana on your own is quite simple. While there are numerous sophisticated techniques available, and there is always something new to learn and perfect, the fundamentals are quite easy, and once mastered, you can simply manufacture an infinite supply. Here are the top ten reasons to start growing your own high yielding marijuana seeds!

1 – Experimentation is Possible

Growing marijuana on your own can result in a substantial harvest. Whereas you would ordinarily ration the items you purchase on the street, and if you cultivate them yourself, you will almost certainly end up with more than you can use. Even a single plant has the potential to produce colossal quantities. This allows you to experiment a little more.

You can work on creating edibles or a tincture for discreet on-the-go dosing using those excess yields. Perhaps you could begin by infusing it with some oils and putting it into your cooking. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll have enough of weed on hand to investigate everything.

2 – A larger selection of cannabis strains

If you live near a Cannabis Social Club or a dispensary, consider yourself fortunate to have access to a varied menu of numerous fascinating strains. If you lack that luxury, you are forced to rely on friends or, more often than not, the illegal market, where you can only obtain one strain of low quality.

Occasionally, multiple strains are available, but this is not always the case. Purchasing cannabis seeds and cultivating your own high-yielding marijuana seeds provides you with a wealth of alternatives. The majority of home gardeners grow many plants.

In this manner, you can experience the pleasure of smoking a variety of cannabis strains with a range of effects, fragrances, and flavours. Because smoking the same thing again becomes monotonous after a while.

3 – You are aware of the products you are receiving

One of the most significant disadvantages of purchasing marijuana is that you never know exactly what is included therein. Has it been sprayed with insecticides in high concentrations? Is it pest-free? What is certain?

It is quite improbable that your dealer will inform you. By cultivating your own, you may rest assured that you have complete control over the ingredients utilised and the final product’s quality.

Additionally, it enables you to dry and cure marijuana on your own. Curing cannabis is the process of letting the remaining chlorophyll in the bud to degrade, greatly improving the quality of your pot and resulting in much smoother smoking.

The issue is that the majority of common weed available for purchase has not been fully cured, which takes time. However, once you’ve experienced properly cured marijuana, you’ll never go back; it’s what genuinely defines connoisseur quality.

4 – Growing your own marijuana plants can be a pleasure

A frequently neglected factor is how much fun it is to grow your own cannabis! It’s a really interesting activity and passion because there’s so much to discover and experiment with. Consider the variety of strains, techniques, growing methods and styles, and equipment available to you.

Seeing the outcomes is quite gratifying. Achieving success with a new growing method or optimising the cultivation of a new delectable variety will undoubtedly put a grin on your face. Not only is it enjoyable, but it also allows you to feel rather proud of yourself!

5 – You will save many dollars

When purchased, weed is costly, yet, when grown, it is inexpensive. The cost per gramme varies significantly depending on where you live, but it is not inexpensive.

Naturally, there is nothing wrong with supporting your local companies, even more so if you reside in a jurisdiction where it is permitted (or semi-legal). However, if you want to save money, you have no choice but to cultivate your own.

Additionally, do not believe that growing weed requires a complicated, expensive, and fully equipped grow chamber. The simplest way to grow is outdoors: All that is required is a seed, soil, water, and light, all of which are abundant in nature.

6 – You develop a bondwith the plants

Additionally, satisfaction is a benefit. To know that you developed your own bloom from seed to finish using only your own hands and labour is enormously satisfying. It results in a much stronger bond between you and your plants, which allows you to appreciate the experience and eventual outcome much more.

Additionally, your talent level increases with each growth. Growing high yielding marijuana seeds is an ongoing educational experience, and the thought of your next batch being greater than the last is an exciting concept.

You will eventually develop into an experienced gardener, able to read your plants and determine their quality merely by observing how they grow. You’ll never again purchase marijuana.


If you’re ambitious enough, you can even start breeding your own strains at home, tailoring your creation to your own needs. Once you’ve gained sufficient expertise growing cannabis at home, it’s simple to delve deeper into the world of cannabis genetics; identify strains that work for you, cross them, and see what you can create.

As you may be aware, cannabis flowers are not the only part of the plant that may be used; the entire plant has something to give. Leaves, trimmings, sugar leaves, and even stems all contain cannabinoids (albeit not nearly as much as flowers) and can be utilised effectively.

Edibles, tinctures, hash, and even rolling leaf cigars are all popular applications. Consider how almost limitless the possibilities are. This way, you can maximise the benefits of cultivating your own cannabis and obtain a diverse selection of marijuana products. You will resemble a dispensary in your own right!