Reddit’s New Payment System: Rewarding Top Contributors

Reddit has introduced a terrific new way to thank its top users in the United States: they will give them special “gold” awards and even share some real money with them! This is a big deal because no social media site has done it. But there’s a catch: some people worry that giving money for posts might make folks post things to make money, even if it’s not friendly or helpful. Reddit says they’ll watch out for that, so it’s an exciting change, but we’ll need to be careful, too.

Reddit Overview

Attribute Description
Platform Type Social media and content sharing platform
User Base Diverse and global, organized into subreddits
Monetization Model Traditional ads, premium memberships, and now, golden upvotes
Content Structure Posts, comments, and discussions in subreddits
Community Governance Moderators oversee subreddits, users upvote content
Recent Developments Introducing real-money rewards for top contributors

The Evolution of Reddit Gold

International news says that Reddit’s “gold” system is not entirely new; it has been part of the platform for some time. Initially, it was conceived as a virtual reward for outstanding posts or comments. Users could purchase a nominal gold award for another user, and while it had no real-world value, it did offer certain benefits. For instance, receiving gold would grant a user an ad-free week of browsing on Reddit. Later, a more expensive platinum award was introduced, which provided a month of ad-free browsing.

Reddit’s New Payment System

  • Reddit’s new approach is a departure from the traditional gold system, offering “golden upvotes” for purchases ranging from $1.99 to $49, which have real monetary value.
  • To participate in Reddit’s “Contributor Program,” users need to meet specific criteria: they must be at least 18 years old, reside in an eligible location, and have earned a certain amount of upvotes (referred to as “karma”).
  • The amount of money users receive for each gold award is tied to their karma, meaning higher karma can result in more earnings per award.
  • However, there is a minimum requirement of at least 10 gold awards before users can cash out their earnings; at this point, they will receive either 90 cents or $1 for each gold award they’ve earned.

The Controversy and Concerns

Breaking News: The Reddit community has greeted this announcement with excitement and apprehension. Some Redditors are concerned that this shift toward real money rewards may alter the platform’s dynamic and encourage divisive, polarizing, provocative, or controversial content. The fear is that these kinds of posts might gain prominence due to their ability to generate many responses, which could attract more gold awards and, consequently, more income for the creators.

The parallel between Reddit’s new system and X/Twitter’s revenue-sharing model has not gone unnoticed. X/Twitter allows users who pay the monthly membership fee to share in the ad revenue generated by their tweets.

Reddit’s Response to Concerns

Reddit appears to be taking steps to address these concerns. The platform has stated that it will monitor users’ posts to ensure they comply with its rules and guidelines. This may help maintain the quality and integrity of content on the platform, preventing it from descending into sensationalism.

Reddit’s Recent Controversies

Reddit’s decision to implement this payment system follows a series of controversies on the platform. The removal of the traditional Reddit gold system, which disappointed some users, was followed by a more significant outrage when Reddit announced it would start charging apps and bots to access its API. 


Reddit’s choice to compensate its leading contributors marks a noteworthy advancement in social media. While it holds the potential to inspire content creators and elevate the platform. There are genuine apprehensions regarding the potential influence on the kinds of content that might emerge. As Reddit proceeds with this inventive approach, it faces the vital task of maintaining a delicate equilibrium between financial incentives and its dedication to nurturing positive and constructive dialogues.