Remote Resources for the New Mom

Covering Your Bases

Say you need to go grocery shopping as a new mom but your car breaks down and you get a cold. The thing is, you’re a single mom, you’ve got a newborn, and you don’t have any close contacts you can rely on. What do you do? Well, first, this is a pretty hopeless situation, but it is one people find themselves in sometimes. Hopefully you can avoid it.

Secondly, remote infrastructure provides you with previously unavailable resources that can be a clear silver lining in such a situation. We’ll cover a few that may surprise you here.

1. Grocery Pickup and Delivery, Task Options

You can make up your grocery list online, then have it delivered right to your front door. There may be service delivery costs, but if you can’t get out with the baby, this is a true life-saver. Also, apps like TaskRabbit allow you to get a handyman on demand if you need something done that you’re unable to do.

Finally, Here’s a list of baby-sitting services you can contact remotely. Between groceries, tasks, and babysitting when you’ve got no other choice, you’ll be able to cover yourself if something happens you can’t control.

2. Lactation Resources Available Through the Internet

You could have good nutrition and an emotionally stable resting mind. Even so, your body may not lactate for whatever reason. Hormonal issues can cause problems, as can other aspects of your physiology.

Still, breastfeeding is best for your newborn. If you’re having trouble, you want a help hotline to those you can trust. Here’s an option for online breastfeeding support. If you can get the help you need right in your home, that takes away a lot of discomfort and hassle.

3. General Telemedicine

Similar to online breastfeeding support, now there’s an option for general healthcare support called “telemedicine”. Though in its “nascent” stages, as the linked article puts it, telemedicine is exceptionally worthwhile for a variety of routine examinations.

Medical practitioners can see more people more quickly, and you don’t have to make the trip to a doctor’s office for anything minor. There are quite a few remote services that only require you to have access to the internet and a device from which to interface. For the new mom who can’t get away from the baby, being able to bring the doctor to you saves a lot of trouble.

Giving Yourself More Than One Option

Telemedicine, online lactation specialists, grocery pickup, and mobile app options for babysitters or other services can all prove invaluable support options for the new mom. One last thing: find a parental support group you can plug yourself into.

Friends and family are key resources for a new parent, you’ve got to have options to fill the gap when family isn’t available, though. Give the issue a little thought in advance, do some research, and find the options that best fit your particular situation.

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