5 effective home remedies

Nail polish can also be effectively removed without nail polish remover. You already have most of the home remedies at home and can start removing them straight away. In this beauty guide, we explain which home remedies are suitable and how you can quickly get rid of your nail polish.

Remove nail polish: This is how it works without nail polish remover

Nail polish can also be removed in different ways without nail polish remover. You already have most of the funds at home and can use them in an emergency. Although none of the remedies are as effective as a nail remover, they can still be a quick help. Attention : Allergy sufferers should be careful with all remedies and first test on a small area to see whether they are allergic.

  • 1. Vinegar and Citric Acid : Put some vinegar in a small bowl. You can use any type of white vinegar you have at home for this. The only thing you should stay away from is dark vinegar, such as balsamic vinegar. Your nails would discolor during the procedure.
  • Squeeze half a lemon and add the juice to the vinegar. Soak your fingers in the vinegar and lemon juice mixture for about ten minutes. Then take a cotton pad and wipe the nail polish off your fingernails.
  • 2. Perfume : Most perfumes contain alcohol. It can soften your nail polish. If you have an alcohol-based perfume at home, you can use it as a nail remover as well.
  • To do this, spray some perfume on a cotton pad. Put that on a nail. Once the nail polish has softened, wipe it away with the cotton pad. Repeat for all nails.
  • If the nail polish cannot be removed immediately, you must let it soak well. Spray some more perfume on the cotton pad and wait a while. Then try to remove the nail polish again.

Deodorant and hairspray: This can also replace nail polish remover

You can also remove nail polish without nail polish remover.

In addition to vinegar and perfume, hairspray and certain deodorant sprays are also suitable for removing nail polish from wide nails. Be careful not to overuse nail polish remover or nail polish remover alternatives. This can damage your nails. They could become brittle or splinter, for example. What you can do if you have split fingernails , we will therefore explain to you in another article from us.

  • 3. Deodorant spray : If you have an alcohol-based deodorant spray at home, you can also use it to remove nail polish.
  • To do this, spray the deodorant onto a cotton pad and proceed in the same way as with the perfume.
  • 4. Hairspray : Just like a deodorant spray, a hairspray can also be used. Put it on a cotton pad in the same way and let it soak on your nails for about a minute.
  • Then wipe the nail polish off your nails with the cotton pad. It is best to use a fresh cotton pad for this.
  • 5. Nail polish : Nail polish is also easy to remove with nail polish. Paint your nails with a clear varnish, for example. Wait about 20 seconds for the underlying nail polish to soak.
  • Then wipe with cotton pad over the still wet nail polish.