A Memorable Golf Experience at Rock Barn Country Club (Tom Jackson Course) in Conover, NC

3791 Club House Drive Northeast

Conover, NC 28613

 (1 hour from Charlotte)

Nestled in the serene landscape of Conover, North Carolina, Rock Barn Country Club & Spa offers an exceptional gaming experience for enthusiasts golfers of all skill levels and a European-style Spa with Fresh Chef Café service. With its two remarkable courses, the private Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Course and the public Tom Jackson Course, this country club provides a perfect fusion of beauty and challenge. With the tee shot successfully executed, the second shot becomes crucial. Golfers must assess the distance and carry needed to clear the pond and reach the green. While the green is undoubtedly reachable, the wise selection of the proper club is vital to ensure a confident and accurate shot. The article delves into our unforgettable encounter with the Tom Jackson Course, a true gem that exceeded our expectations.

Tees     Yardage    Rating     Slop
Tournament   6427      71.9   135
Jackson      5926     68.9   132
Member      5334     66.7   126
Club(W)      4856     68.5   127
Forword(W)      4363     65.8   118

Rock Barn Country Club Course Overview:

From the moment you arrive at Rock Barn Country Club, the enchanting beauty of the fairways captivates you. Our visit to the Tom Jackson Course left us in awe, as the course displayed impeccable conditions. The fairways were akin to lush carpets, rivaling any other course we had played throughout the year. Moreover, the greens were firm and flawlessly manicured, offering a smooth and enjoyable experience. While a few tee boxes showed signs of wear due to the course’s popularity, overall, the Tom Jackson Course matches the excellence of the finest golf courses in the area.

The course, boasting a par 71, may be shorter than some of the remarkable courses in Charlotte. However, its layout features numerous elevation changes and blind shots, necessitating precise club selection for a successful round. The Tom Jackson Course winds through breathtaking houses lining several holes, creating a visually stunning experience while demanding accuracy off the tee and during approach shots.

Rock Barn Country Club also provides an outstanding public practice facility with a generous putting green and a grass driving range. We recommend arriving early to warm up if you plan to visit and play the Tom Jackson Course. The first hole, the area’s most intimidating opening tee shot, offers no respite, making a brief practice session essential. Trust us when we say that a trip to Rock Barn Country Club is worthwhile in terms of the drive and the price.

Signature Holes Of Rock Barn Country Club: 

Among the many exceptional holes on the Tom Jackson Course, four stood out to us as true highlights:

Hole #1 – Par 5, 555 yards, Handicap 1:

Commencing your round with the course’s most challenging hole is an exhilarating experience. The tee shot requires clearing a hazard and aiming for a narrow, uphill fairway that doglegs left. The second shot poses another test, warranting careful club selection. Failing to clear the hill may result in the frustrating sight of your ball rolling back. A par on this hole is a worthy achievement, setting the tone for an exciting round.

Hole #6 – Par 3, 202 yards, Handicap 3:

This longer par 3 presents a downhill tee shot with a green bordered by water and bunkers to the left. Precision is crucial here, as even the slightest misstep can lead to a bogey or worse. Amidst its picturesque setting, this hole provides a stern challenge that demands accuracy and finesse. The panoramic view from the tee box, with the downhill fairway leading to the serene pond-guarded green, showcases the natural beauty that Rock Barn Country Club is renowned for.

Hole #10 – Par 5, 514 yards, Handicap 6:

Regarded by many as the most stunning hole on the course, the tee shot from an elevated position leads to a fairway doglegging left, accompanied by bunkers on the back side and a picturesque pond with a fountain on the left. While most golfers will approach this hole as a three-shot par 5, longer hitters may dare to carry the pond and reach the green in two. Opting for a safer play to the right ensures a solid chance at par, allowing you to relish the course’s natural beauty.

Hole #15 – Par 4, 398 yards, Handicap:

As we reach Hole #15 on the Tom Jackson Course at Rock Barn Country Club, we encounter yet another visually captivating and strategically demanding hole. This par 4, measuring 398 yards, presents golfers with a thrilling challenge requiring precision and careful decision-making.

From the elevated tee box, players are treated to a breathtaking view of a downhill fairway that leads to a green guarded by a sizable pond in the front. The initial tee shot on this hole calls for a strategic approach, as it’s better to be short off the tee than risk the slope of the fairway leading the ball into the water hazard. May golfers consider leaving their driver in the bag and instead opt for a more controlled and accurate shot to set up an ideal approach.

Aside from the strategic aspects, Hole #15 offers an exceptional visual experience. 

Playing this hole requires a delicate balance between courage and composure. While the pond may evoke a sense of trepidation, a well-executed tee shot followed by a precise approach can pave the way for a satisfying par. The memories of conquering this challenging yet enchanting hole will linger long after the round concludes.


The Spa at Rock Barn, where anyone can enjoy a fantastic experience. Spa packages are meant to be a complete treat. You will get the best service at their spa. 

They compiled a list and overview of our products and services for customers and members. It’s important to remember that Rock Barn Spa Packages come as Gift Cards and can’t be returned. You’ll get a final confirmation of your spa booking about 60 days before it happens. You will make sure that everything is set for your upcoming spa visit.

At Rock Barn Spa, the staff is helpful if you have any questions or guides; they are always ready to help.

Spa Days are Requirements

  • At checkout, you must have an I.D. card. You will show your I.D. to prove that you are a legal cardholder.
  • Only the cardholder’s permission on-site will be accepted for signatures and proof.
  • If the card owner is present and has a legal I.D. card, then he can use his card with permission.
  • You must show a credit card when booking any golf course or spa package.
  • You will be lost your deposit if you cancel or change your booking after 5 pm, 03 days before the appointment.


Youth Services
Gentleman Treatments
Face Treatments
Hair Services
Manicures and Pedicures
Customized Back Facials
Day / Evening Spa Passes
Salt Room

Spa Packages:

Queen for a Day M-Th $295 / F-Su $325 per person
King for a Day M-Th $335  / F-Su $365* per person
Salt Cave Packages 5 sessions: $150 ($30 for each) 

10 sessions: $270 ($27 for each ) 

15 sessions: $375 ($25 for each ) 


Spa Day and Evening Passes Mon – Thu: Open to Close / $175 per person

Fri – Sun: Open to Close / $200 per person

Bridal Package ALL DAY /  M-Th $300 / F-Su $330* per person
Couples’ Ritual 90-min Swedish: M-Th $619 / F-Su $655

90-min Hot Stone: M-Th $683 / F-Su $719

60-min Salt Cave: M-Th $750 / F-Su $900


As we conclude our golfing adventure at Rock Barn Country Club’s Tom Jackson Course, we can confidently assert that this destination is a true gem. The impeccable course conditions, strategic layout, and breathtaking surroundings make for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re an exceptional golfer or a novice looking to improve your skills, the Tom Jackson Course offers a challenging yet enjoyable journey. The meticulous fairways and well-maintained greens elevate the game to a new level, rivaling some of the best courses in the region. Stunning houses along the study add a touch of elegance while posing exciting challenges for players seeking precision and accuracy.

Rock Barn Country Club goes the extra mile by providing a top-notch practice facility, including a spacious putting green and a grass driving range. That allows golfers to warm up and fine-tune their swings before tackling the demanding first hole, which sets the tone for an exhilarating round.

We recommend the Rock Barn Country Club trip if you find yourself in Conover, North Carolina, or within a reasonable distance. The scenic surroundings, excellent course conditions, and the thrill of conquering the Tom Jackson Course make it a golfing experience worth the drive and price.

So pack your golf clubs, gather your fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a journey to Rock Barn Country Club. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of the fairways, challenged by the course’s layout, and rewarded with a sense of accomplishment as you navigate each hole. It’s an experience that will leave you longing to return for more unforgettable rounds on the Tom Jackson Course.