Role of Digital Marketing in Success of Local Brands

Local brands use flyers and newspaper ads to promote their business. They hope that they can somehow manage to get their customers to their stores. They have less control over traditional means of advertisement. 

Digital marketing helps them control their campaigns and measure results. Its role in the progress of the local brand is indispensable.

Digital marketing levels the playing field to help small companies compete with big brands across several cities. You can consider the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, If you want to expand across several cities. As a small business owner, that’s one reason you should consider digital marketing.

Small business challenges

Small businesses have a lot of challenges. Surviving in the competitive market is not easy for them. Here are a few reasons why local brands have trouble scaling up:

  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of personnel
  • Lack of buyers
  • Not good infrastructure
  • Bad location

Digital marketing helps to overcome these challenges. It transcends conventional boundaries to reach your customers. 

Digital marketing helps you diversify your campaigns

There is an old proverb: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It means one should not rely on only one area. Doing so will risk losing your business. 

This proverb is also true for local brands. They don’t have many resources. So it is a risky business to count on traditional means of marketing. They need to spread the risk across different marketing channels. 

Local brands can use multiple marketing channels to reach an audience. They have various channels like social media marketing, blog posts, video marketing. By doing this, brands can spread the risk across these platforms. 

Local brands can keep their customers engaged and attract new customers all at once. Digital marketing helps you to focus on customers at different points in the buyer journey. You will get multiple customers from various channels. It would not be possible with traditional marketing.

Digital marketing helps you expand

Every small business owner wants to see business growth. As a business owner, you want to see his business expand to different cities across the nation. Or you want to see your company grow into a multinational company. Digital marketing helps you achieve that.

Traditional advertising is expensive and takes a lot of work. Technology is closing the gap between local brands and international customers. 

People across the world could like your culture and products. They might choose to buy your products. Digital marketing helps them know about your brand. You reach them in a few seconds. 

Through social media, you can announce that you are expanding. Your campaigns will tell you more about people in a particular location. You can know their preferences and pain points. With this information, you can plan your social media campaign. You can offer unique products that serve local interests. 

Digital marketing helps you tap into the power of your local brand. You can let your fame and reputation spread across different cities and nations. Thus digital marketing helps you reach greater heights. If you want to expand across several cities in India, consider a top digital marketing company in chennai, Delhi etc. A digital marketing company in Gurgaon can help you extend into another city.

Digital marketing helps you target locals

Digital Marketing helps you also go local. Often local brands want to target people in specific locations. People do mobile searches to find a nearby store. With digital marketing, local brands can target such people. 

Facebook ads help local brands target specific locations. In these ads, you have several options like address, radius, age range, and gender. Facebook ads use the IP addresses of people to target them.

You can also run PPC ads targeting zip codes. These ads help you to identify potential customers. Once you have identified them, you can also call them. Since they are more likely to buy, it is easy to convert them. A role of digital marketing company in Gurgaon helps you run local ads. Digital marketing agencies in Delhi can help you get more visibility in Delhi.

The role of digital marketing in Netflix’s success

Netflix had humble beginnings in Santa Cruz, California. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded the company in 1997. 

They offered a DVD rental service back then. About twenty years later, Netflix has come to dominate global businesses.

Digital Marketing made it possible for Netflix to grow from a local to a global brand. In 2010, the brand expanded to Canada. By 2015, Netflix was in 50 countries. Now, the brand serves over 190 countries. 

Digital marketing took Netflix to where they are now. What are Netflix’s digital marketing strategies?

  • Hyper-personalized Content: Netflix uses analytics and algorithms to predict what type of movies its customers want. It gives recommendations based on our past behavior and interaction. It hides the content that is not relevant to our interests. 
  • Social Media engagement: Netflix interacts with its audience by creating polls. Posting questions about movies helps the brand get more customer engagement. Netflix also tries to respond to comments on social media. It helps them retain existing customers and bring new ones.
  • Multi-Channel Campaigning: Netflix uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for its campaigns. It also has optimized services for mobile and computer users. 

If Netflix dominates the market, it is because of role of digital marketing. You also should invest in digital marketing to take your local business to greater heights.