Sales Target 101: How to Use Video to Increase Sales and Hit Quotas

Virtual meetings have become the norm in business. And learning video selling will help you become more effective in your sales career, understand what types of sales videos to create, when to use them, and get your team on board.

If you look people in the eyes, it’s easy to see why they’re more honest, amicable, and willing to do business with you. But unfortunately, the chance to meet a prospect in person is limited in today’s environment of virtual selling and remote jobs. And the solution is a video for the sales team.

Understanding Sales Video

People’s ears perk up when they see a video. And when you see a play button, almost everyone feels forced to click it, and this provides you with the power to convince people to watch your video even if they wouldn’t normally read what you wrote.

By incorporating video into your existing sales procedures, you can restore the human connection to your outreach efforts and encourage prospects to take action.

As such, using video for the sales teams may enhance engagement and leave your contacts with pleasant vibes, whether you’re trying to discuss your product or service or simply following up on a conversation you’ve already had with someone.

Where Should You Use Video During Your Sales Cycle?

Are you unsure when it’s appropriate to use video in the sales process? A video may help you increase conversions at any point in the sales cycle.

It works well at the top of the funnel, where you’re attempting to break through the attention barrier, and at the middle and bottom, you’re trying to dislodge stuck deals and guide them to closure.

What Kinds of Videos Will Help You Sell More?

There are numerous types of videos that can be used to increase sales. But, of course, it depends on what you’re trying to sell and to whom you’re trying to sell it. So, let’s look at various videos to see which one would be best for your business.

  • Demo Videos: If you’re selling software or an app, demo videos are beneficial. They enable you to demonstrate your program or software’s specific functionalities via a screen-recorded demonstration.

Because people want to learn through video, this is ideal for onboarding new users.

  • Interactive Videos: encourage viewers to participate in your material. It makes them 32% more memorable than linear videos and 9x more likely to buy intent from viewers.

The video’s clickable hotspots provide crucial information for each trip destination while allowing viewers to navigate different pages to learn more. They have to click on whatever it is they want to learn more about, and the information will appear.

  • Testimonials: When it comes to internet purchases, social proof is a huge factor. Customers want to be confident that they’re making the best option possible, so they look for testimonials before purchasing.

While textual testimonials and evaluations are valuable, video can help close the purchase.

The best step you can take to develop and maintain a healthy, productive sales organization is to constantly improve sales performance at both an individual and team level. And that necessitates accountability on the part of all parties concerned.

Reps must be willing to embrace possibilities that will help them advance professionally, but a sales team’s effectiveness reflects a manager’s work and leadership. And for that, video advertising is an effective tool.