SEO Website Testing: The Golden Bullet For Small Business

A lot of people believe that their business can get success if they own a website. However, if for making potential improvements you do not test your website at regular intervals then it is a very big mistake and there is no place for bigger mistakes in SEO.

If you want to give your business a very good start then you need to invest in a very good digital presence. But if you want to make a quick redundant investment then you need to allow your site to fester. Some people believe that optimization of websites at regular intervals is not possible for a number of small trades because of the shortage of resources. But this excuse is no more acceptable because of the availability of online guides and also because of a number of SEO checklists that are on-page.

Sometimes you may not reach the SEO techniques that are of advanced level. But if you take interest in enhancing your presence then follow certain instructions that come from a number of implementations that are ‘easy to follow’. Now I am going to tell you why SEO website testing is the golden bullet for small businesses.

Why is testing an SEO website important?

In order to get a good ROI, we need to regularly test a website for SEO. As compared to other digital channels, delivering long lasting benefits is possible if for improving your presence you spend every minute doing SEO. We can call it evergreen to implement SEO. If in the coming years you want better performance of your business then you can get a lot of help from a small website tweak, an outreach article and blog posts.

As an example, for SEO page titles, you are doing split testing. If there is a 5 % increase in the click-through-rate as a result of growth in rankings because of the page title ‘B’ then this indicates that you are going to have a richer business immediately. Suppose you use your website for generating a per month business of $100,000. Now by doing some simple changes you can earn $60,000 more per year.

You need to consider one more factor: how will you check the working of a website without testing? For the growth of your business, you need to regularly test your website.

Some simple examples of SEO website testing

1.Within the content you can do the trial of external links vs internal links.

2.Content articles vs blog articles that are image-driven and you do their split testing.

3.If you take interest in measuring conversion rate optimization then you need to test lead generation forms of different styles.

4.In order to measure rankings your content needs to add sub-headers (H2, H3) that are new.

5.For measuring your rankings it is necessary that within your content you perform the trial of new keyword synonyms.

6.If you take interest in measuring your rankings then you need to optimize blog articles of long-form vs short-form.

7.For measuring CTR you need to test the SEO meta descriptions.

8.In your page titles you can add title modifiers.

9.For measuring click-through-rate and rankings you need to change SEO page titles.

What are the ways to properly run SEO tests?

Some planning and preparation are needed to make changes to a site. It can have a negative or positive effect on your presence if you make changes to the site.

So, don’t test the complete website. Instead make isolated groups for the purpose of testing.

How will you perform Segmentation?

It is necessary that in isolation you perform the SEO tests. You can make small changes to the minimal traffic acquiring pages’ small series. If the search volume is minimal for a sub-service page or a blog then you can start from there. You have to select the overall traffic’s 10 %, a campaign and a keyword set.

How will you perform testing, measurement and testing again?

The key here is the measurement. You need to record CTR and current traffic, and make changes. You can make changes after seeing the traffic for 1 month. Then do the same for another month. Instead of calling search engine optimization a sprint we will call it a marathon.

How will you repeat the process?

After getting a very good outcome you need to do it again. When you get the success then you can perform the process on the pages’ larger group.

For someone who owns a website and takes interest in services like video marketing, paid search marketing, content marketing and social media marketing, it will be good to consult a number of digital marketing experts.