ServiceNow introduction support service

The Kanini service introduced ServiceNow in-house in 5+ year and is utilizing it for the operation of many systems and the integrated management of different business processes. By combining the optimization method cultivated through various system management experiences with the excellent technology called ServiceNow, we carefully solve business productivity issues.

1 What is ServiceNow?

It is a service that provides an IT platform for enterprises as a cloud service [SaaS].

The service consists of three major services: IT workflow (IT workflow), Customer workflow, Employee workflow, and one of the custom application development infrastructure (App Engine), which is the foundation of all services.

The concept is to provide ServiceNow to increase business productivity, enhance the employee experience, and enhance customer engagement through a single platform.

DTS empathizes with ServiceNow’s concept of enhancing employee experience and accompanying customer satisfaction with superior UI / UX and technology as a hub that can be linked with various IT services, and uses it as the foundation of Kanini services. We are here.

2 We will support the introduction of ServiceNow in a polite and reliable manner by being close to the customer’s business.

Utilizing our experience as a management service provider, we will provide introduction support with an emphasis on reliable operation and improvement in effectiveness. We aim for simple and effective operation by appropriately integrating business processes and ServiceNow functions.

3 Leave support for CSM (Customer Service Management) introduction

We have strengths not only in ITSM (IT Service Management) but also in CSM (Customer Service Management) introduction support. Kanini is developing a help desk service that utilizes CSM, and you can utilize the know-how and improvements that you accumulate every day to introduce your CSM.

Three features

1.      Introduced, utilized and operated ServiceNow as a Kanini service

As with any system, regardless of ServiceNow, there is no benefit to just deploying it. The system staff and field operators who actually use the system can use it to ensure that the work can be done, and the users can experience the effects of the introduction. Also, the point is that the effect becomes a number in real time and can be seen by the administrator. DTS builds and operates these activities with the Kanini service, and can provide support including daily improvement know-how.

2.      Installation and implementation services by ServiceNow certified technicians

Our ServiceNow certified technicians will reliably support your ServiceNow implementation and implementation.

In addition, DTS Vietnam, a group company, also provides offshore development support by certified engineers to speed up the introduction of ServiceNow and optimize costs.

3.      Supporting productivity improvement, DX, and business value improvement by utilizing ServiceNow

Since its founding in 1972, DTS Corporation has been providing information system design and construction services based on the philosophy of “building customer trust with technology.” We have supported the solution of customer’s problems and the promotion of business by providing system development, design and construction, consulting, and package introduction. In supporting the introduction of ServiceNow, we are not only introducing tools based on those knowledge, but also working to improve our customers’ business processes and contribute to business.