Seven Things to Expect From Microblading

If you are tired of drawing in your eyebrows or using cosmetic products to make them look as close to perfect as possible, there is a solution that will change everything. Microblading is a beauty treatment that helps you achieve semi-permanent perfect eyebrows, and the good news is that they will look completely natural. The treatment process is relatively quick, simple, and virtually painless. You’ll enjoy perfect eyebrows without having to undergo regular time-consuming upkeep.

Seven Things To Expect From Microblading

1. You Will Need a Pre-Treatment Consultation

Before beginning the treatment process, you will need to schedule a consultation with your technician. Your consultation is an important step in the process because you can’t begin treatment without it. First, your technician will confirm that you are a good candidate for this treatment and that you don’t have any skin irritations or conditions preventing you from successfully and safely undergoing treatment.

2. You Will Help Design Your New Eyebrows

The consultation process also helps your technician understand the look that you desire. Some patients schedule this treatment to improve their eyebrows and aren’t sure how they should look; others have ideas and specific pictures they want to replicate.

Even if you’re unsure about how you want your brows to look and don’t have a treatment plan, your technician will help design one. However, it’s important that together you choose the right eyebrow shape, color, and thickness to help you achieve the most aesthetic-looking appearance.

3. The Treatment Process Takes a Few Hours

Once you arrive for your appointment, your technician will prepare your eyebrows for the treatment process by cleaning the area and ensuring there are no lotions, products, or cosmetics on or around your brows. You won’t feel any pain because your technician will prepare your brows by applying a topical numbing solution before beginning the treatment.

You’ll wait for approximately 30 minutes until the numbing takes effect, and then your technician will proceed with the treatment. She’ll begin the treatment using a special tool to make hair-like strokes in your eyebrow area with a cosmetic tattoo device.

4. The Design Process Is Versatile

This treatment is completely customizable since different patients have different skin tones, hair colors, and aesthetic goals. You won’t be limited to a certain number of brow colors but instead will be able to choose the one that complements your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Additionally, if you were born with thinner, sparse eyebrows, you won’t have to maintain a thin eyebrow design.

Instead, you can make your eyebrows as thin or as thick as you want them. Your technician can make recommendations based on your facial structure, hair color, skin tone, and eye color to help you achieve the best results.

5. You Will Need To Follow Some Pre-Treatment Directions

Before your appointment, there are some things you will need to do and avoid to prepare your eyebrows and body for the treatment process. You’ll need to stop using blood-thinning medications and supplements, including fish oil, vitamin E, and ibuprofen. On the day of your treatment, avoid caffeine and alcohol since both have the potential to make your skin more sensitive.

Avoid scheduling in-office exfoliating treatments, laser treatments, and Botox during the two weeks leading up to your treatment. Don’t wax or tweeze the planned treatment area or apply retinol on or near the area. As long as you follow your technician’s pre-treatment instructions, you can ensure the best results.

6. You Won’t Need Regular Touchups

Some beauty treatments require that you schedule regular touchups to maintain results. Your technician may recommend that you schedule a touchup treatment at some point a year or longer after your treatment, but you won’t need monthly treatments. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy low-maintenance perfect eyebrows long-term.

7. You Will Look Completely Natural

If you have been interested in scheduling microblading in Fort Collins but are concerned that you will end up with results that don’t look natural, don’t worry. This treatment process is designed to help patients achieve subtle, beautiful, natural-looking brows. They won’t look drawn in or fake, but instead, you will look like you were born with perfect brows.

They will look even more natural than when you apply your eyebrow pomades, pencils, or other cosmetics to achieve the perfect eyebrows. You will no longer have to spend tedious amounts of time trying to make your eyebrows match each other; instead, you’ll wake up with the perfect, most natural-looking eyebrows imaginable.

Don’t spend another day trying to draw in the perfect eyebrows. This treatment is the solution that will save you time and money and help you feel more confident about the appearance of your eyebrows from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. When you invest in this treatment, you’ll love your results and will never go back to having to maintain your eyebrows again.