Shed extra calories to enhance your bedroom performance

It requires a strong bond of understanding and affection among the couples to get into a love making act. Studies have shown that couples stay happy and remain attached to each other, if they enjoy a fun filled and pleasurable intercourse.

 On the contrary, several couples across the globe remain deprived of a healthy intercourse due to the inability of the males to get hard and stay firm during an intimate act. This medical condition is known as erectile dysfunction and it has to potential to ruin a perfect relationship and break a marriage. Aurogra UK is a clinically tested and FDA embraced medication which impotent males can take under the supervision of a health care advisor to stay hard and enjoy passionate intercourse. 

Treat male impotence by reducing your weight

Obesity and overweight are the main culprits of multiple health complications and the poor erection quality of males. Obesity is a serious health complication which makes people vulnerable to numerous health complications, aggravates the risk of sexual ailments and impacts lovemaking act. However, a male can overcome his erectile problems and enjoy quality times beneath the sheets by losing belly fat.

Erectile dysfunction is the most commonly found sexual disorder in males. As per a recent study, around 20 million males above the age of 25 are suffering from flaccid erection. An obese male is two and a half time more vulnerable to erectile problems than a physically fit male. The primary reason for this sexual dysfunction is hormonal disturbance which is stimulated by both internal as well as external factors. 

Health Effects of Obesity 

  • Hypertension 
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Coronary heart disease

One of the most common causes of weak erection is atherosclerosis. In this medical condition, the cholesterol gets deposited on the walls of blood vessels and hinders the proper circulation of blood.

Obesity deteriorates the quality of male sex hormone, popularly known as testosterone. In this situation, males neither attain an erection nor sustain the same for a healthy copulation. This hormone acts as a blood vessel dilator and has to be elevated to generate nitric oxide.

Apart from erectile problems, obesity can lead to other health complications as well. Overweight males must follow a strict diet plan and a weight loss regime to overcome this ailment and lead a healthy and fun filled life with their bed partner.  

Overcome Obesity with daily exercise and a balanced diet

As per a research, about 30% of the males who tried hard to lose weight by enrolling in a weight loss program were able to enjoy their sexual performance. A healthy diet plan and a strict exercise regime not only balance cholesterol but also burn extra calories. Regular exercises promote sweating, releases toxins and maintain a proper body weight. This facilitates the release of hormones and enables a male to get into a sexual routine. 

The intensity of the male impotence can aggravate due to heart disease, diabetes and depression. Shedding extra kilos can enable a male to combat all these issues effectively. 

Weight loss management is the key to boost your sex life. Apart from lifestyle changes and healthy diet, impotent males can also rely on Kamagra next day delivery UK, an FDA regulated medicine of the Ajanta Pharma, to get hard and stay firm during the entire love making act.  Its primary component, Sildenafil Citrate, releases sufficient amount of blood to the male genitalia and assures a rock solid erection to males for enjoying pleasurable intercourse. 

 Merchandized in the form of tablets, oral jellies and chewable solution, you must take only one dose in duration of 24 hour. If you experience any adverse reaction after taking it, then it is advisable to immediately get in touch with a board certified general physician.