Soccer Jersey-The Attire of a Footballer

The history of soccer jerseys can be traced back to 1870 when that football lover started demanding that soccer teams need to wear uniforms and well-designed clothes for the entire team and thus it lead to the evolution of jerseys. The name of the player, the number, the sponsors and most importantly the team they are playing for is all represented by the jersey.

Evolution of Soccer Jersey

A particular attire or costume worn by the football player is termed a Soccer jersey. The uniform for football players comprises a jersey and shorts. It is mandatory that attire worn by the players should be similar which implies that it should be of the same colour and print as it signifies a particular club, team or country. The number and name of the player are written on the backside of the jersey to identify them on the field. Among the players, only the goalkeeper wears a soccer jersey different from others as it helps players to see him clearly while attacking towards the goal post. 

The material used in making Soccer Jersey

Soccer jerseys were made from cotton & wool traditionally. However gradually with the arrival of synthetic material, there was a change in the material used. The cloth materials of authentic soccer jerseys are made from 100% polyester. The reason for making a soccer jersey with polyester material is it’s lightweight and can be used for a long period of time. Players perspire during playing and polyester material makes it comfortable for them as they have to spend more time in the field actively. It keeps you cool and does not retain moisture.

Authentic jersey:

Apart from sports soccer jerseys can also be worn for casual purposes. It can be best worn along with shorts and sneakers. We usually see that the replica of the jersey is also worn by the spectators to show their support to their respective teams. These jerseys are very much similar to the jersey worn by the players only the fabric and the numbering given are slightly different from the original ones.

Authentic soccer jerseys are designed with the best quality of fabric and are exactly the same which are those worn by football players. These are highly comfortable for wearing and have durability. The stitching and the fabric of the replica jerseys are almost similar as compared to the authentic jerseys. That way the price of replica jerseys are not so high compared to the original ones. 

Manufacturers of Soccer Jersey

Whenever there is any big tournament like FIFA World Cup players participating wears national jersey which is mostly designed by renowned sport products manufacturers like Puma, Adidas, Nike, Umbra and many others. Interestingly this manufacturing of soccer jerseys is not limited to players only rather it is made of millions and millions of fans scattered in every nook and corner of the world. It is a billion-dollar business.  The only problem associated is that there are more counterfeit jerseys being manufactured by many local manufacturers. Jerseys must be made in accordance with the guidelines set by FIFA which is a soccer governing international body.

Basic Rules followed while making Jerseys are as below: 

  1. It needs to be differently designed from match referees.
  2. Sleeves are mandatory for all jerseys.
  3. Not more than 4 colours can be used with certain exceptions it is allowed.
  4. The size of the jersey and logo used needs to comply.
  5. Stars are also placed on the jersey indicating the number of world cups the team had won.
  6. Players names and numbers need to be mandatorily printed.
  7. The sleeves of the jersey need to be free from any kind of logos.


Though rules made for soccer jersey needs to be in compliant with FIFA guidelines still the final approval is required from National soccer governing federation. Soccer jersey is not the only a jersey rather it is a matter of honour for every player and country.

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