Solutions by hiring marquee during works or disasters

Have you suffered a loss or are planning work? Do you want to store your equipment for a short or a long time? The marquee hire Auckland is ideal for sheltering your belongings temporarily.

An ideal solution to house your professional equipment

For professionals, the marquee is a real asset when moving a business. Indeed, it allows you to store your equipment directly on your land and saves you significant moving costs. Another advantage is that you have the possibility of continuing your production thanks to the s which can act as a workshop / factory. For example, when space was scarce, marquee hire Auckland had set up production lines in tents to achieve its goals quickly and inexpensively. The marquee can also be a substitute for your store during work. The schupepe in Auckland had installed a tent in particular to display its vehicles during the renovation of its showroom.

You can modulate the structure at any time. It is possible to increase or decrease the length of your tent per 5m span if your needs change. On the other hand, changing the width turns out to be a more complicated and less economical task. In this case, you have to dismantle the entire tent and change its frame. These modular buildings have the advantage of being very easy to dismantle. Requiring no foundation, you will find your land intact after removing the structure. However, our marquee s make sure you keep your equipment safe. All our tarpaulins and sandwich cladding comply with M2 fire-resistant standards.

The translucent tarpaulins on the roof let in daylight. That is to say that during the day, you also save on your electricity consumption, unlike a solid building.

The marquee for your personal belongings

When you are doing renovations in your home, furniture is often annoying and bulky. In addition, they are fragile and risk being damaged by tools, paint … So why not avoid these risks and opt for a marquee?

How to choose your marquee tent

Determine what you want to store. This allows you to calculate the number of m2 needed to store your goods. For this, you have to take into account the floor space as well as the height you will need. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice.

Define the location where your marquee will be set up. Your lawn can be a good location depending on the area you have and the size of the tent needed. If not, you can possibly ask to use the land of your neighbor or that of a member of your family.

The marquee allows you to gather all your belongings in one and the same space during the duration of your work. Whether it is a short or a long time, you can even save some space to renovate some furniture under this tent.

A tent also gives you the possibility of sheltering cars, boats, scooters and motorhomes while waiting to build a garage or workshop.

Outdoor storage with our semi-open marquee tents

Semi-open structures are ideal for enjoying the benefits of outdoor storage while protecting hard-to- rain gear. Mention may in particular be made of vehicles, steel equipment fearing humidity or even certain construction materials (bricks, tiles, wood, etc.).

These semi-open storage buildings are therefore particularly suitable for large products, slightly sensitive to bad weather and unlikely to be stolen (by their nature but also their volume). Lesage Stock age can offer you the structure perfectly suited to your merchandise but also to your location (soils, volumes, topographical constraints, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote!

If you have any questions about marquee s, don’t hesitate to ask us!