Some strategies to help you get selected for the 9 GEMS Scholarship!

9 GEMS is an award-winning, holistic teaching methodology to help students meet the challenges of the changing world, and groom them to become well-rounded global citizens. GIIS 9 GEMS methodology is internationally recognized as one of the best integrated and unique learning methods, providing holistic education to its students. 

GIIS offers the 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship for students in the fields of performing arts and sports. Scholarships value from 10% to 20% off on tuition fees. But the qualification requirements for this scholarship are slightly difficult to meet. 

Following are some ready strategies to get selected for 9 GEMS scholarship:

Define your edge

Look for what gives you an advantage over others. List your strengths and find what you are good at. Make it a point to highlight these strengths in your application and at the time of the interview. Prove to the scholarship committee why you are a better candidate for getting the scholarship.

Stay organized

Scholarship programs include a list of events, like sending a duly filled requisition well on time, letters of recommendations, financial records, academic qualifications, personal details, and many more. 

All the relevant documents have to be prepared in advance before the due date. It is advisable to take more time and review each detail to ensure that everything is fine before the deadline. Ensure to make a checklist for the required credentials and mark it accordingly.

Essay writing

A 9 GEMS scholarship program may require you to write an essay. Go for the required format and length of the essay and write a killer essay highlighting your strengths and capabilities. Know what the audience has demanded and tailor your scholarship application to stand apart from other applications. Read all the rules and requirements thoroughly and answer each of the questions with examples. 

Presentation and proofreading

Try to be clear and more concise when applying to an international school in Bangalore for a scholarship program. Don’t ever submit a sloppy application, as it will give a negative impression. Adhere to the guidelines and set parameters, and at the time of the personal interview, look sharp and confident. Present yourselves well by dressing up nicely and being well-groomed to look more professional. Spellings are an integral part of the application, so go through the entire filled format again. You can take the help of your elders to point out things you may have skipped.

Pay attention to details

Start from marking the date of the scholarship application deadline, pay attention to each and every detail, double-checking your work. Most applications get rejected as they carry illegitimate information or left out columns in the application forms. Make sure to answer everything, no matter how tiny is the questionnaire asked. An error-free application is the first step towards a successful 9 GEMS scholarship program. 


Be passionate and confident about the scholarship and keep a record of all the documents submitted. Be patient and keep your eye on the prize, and you will surely stand eligible for the scholarship reward.