Some Tips To Before You Redesign Your Web Site

It’s a common story. Your website was created in the era when Google was starting to get its foot in the Search Engine market. It was a fantastic Web site at the time. You might have seen some Flash or JavaScript rollovers. Unfortunately, times change. Images that you thought were original are no longer relevant. Your competition seems to redesign their websites every six months, whereas yours was life many years ago. It is time to redesign.

. Although it sounds like a wonderful project, I can assure you that it could go wrong. However, even the best intentions can lead to costly business errors. This entire process could take many articles to explain fully. However, I would like to share my four basic rules before you begin the process of redesigning your Web site and get website design company in kanpur.

1. Be specific about what you want for your new website and be realistic.

You can make a Web site redesign as large or as small as you like. Sometimes the content is fine, and only a redesign of the interface is necessary. Sometimes, Web applications may be required to allow members to log on or take orders online. Whatever you choose, you must ensure that your business’s overall goals of increasing sales or retaining customers are met.

 You might not need anything else. Don’t be afraid of dividing things up. Many of my Web design clients prefer this approach because they can focus on their immediate needs first. A client may have poor Search Engine rankings due to their old site’s design and bad tags.

They also desire user forums for their clients to discuss and ask questions. For a project like this, we might have two phases and get website development services near me.

We would first update their website with the most recent Search Engine Optimization techniques. Once that is complete, the Search Engines will re-index their pages. Then, we will add the features they desire to their site, such as the member forum.

2. Select a designer carefully.

The selection of the right web designer is a crucial part of any Web site redesign project. Large corporations will often outsource this task to outside firms, even if they have a creative department. A good Web designer should be creative but also sensitive to how their designs will be perceived.

. The Web designer must create work that matches the client’s vision and personality. Many clients who come to my office to inquire about a Web design want to see work in their industry. While it is important to find a designer who ‘knows’ your industry, a good designer will take the time to study that industry. It’s important to me that designers can understand and work with any industry.

Sometimes, firms that are only specialized in one industry can suffer from tunnel vision or lose their creativity entirely because they don’t have to learn new things. You can learn a lot from looking at the portfolio of a Web Designer. You might also want to contact a few references.

3. Do not fall for the latest fads or eye candy.

As a web designer, it is my job to stay up-to-date with new software, plugins, and trends. These tools are all great, but I have to be honest with myself. Does this tool, as cool as it is, accomplishes what the client needs? It does a lot of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t. Flash is a popular choice because it adds interactivity and interest to static Web pages. It only works if it is used correctly and incorporated into the rest of your Web site. Sometimes animation, sound, and video may not work.

4. Keep in mind why you are doing it.

Your company is redesigning your website because it wants to increase sales and retain customers. It would help if you reconsidered why you are redesigning your Web site. You can’t afford to have your site redesigned now and again. It can be expensive to redesign your Web site. If it is not directly contributing to your company’s growth, you could put your marketing budget to more use. The best website redesigns take the company’s vision and present it in an attractive, simple-to-use, and memorable way. Your Web site will be tenfold more valuable if it has beneficial features to both your current and potential customers. We wish you all the best in your website redesign.

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