Spine Doctors: Types And Need Of Them

With the need to sit properly for long hours at a stretch to perform best at your tasks, it has become imperative to take care of your physical and mental health. Your body posture plays a vital role in performing routine tasks. Thus, you need to take care of your spine while sitting or standing.

To help you with any issues related to your spine, you can consult a Mount Dora’s Spine Doctor at your convenience. You will come to know more about a spine doctor further below.

Need For A Spine Doctor

If you are suffering for a long time from neck or back pain, you should consult a spine doctor at the earliest. Before consulting any spine doctor, you need to consider a few things into account. A few of those tips are

  • Qualifications of a spine doctor- You should be aware of the qualifications of spine doctors before consulting them. A well-qualified spine doctor or surgeon can only deal with treating different types of spinal problems. Further, you won’t like to risk your life by getting the wrong treatment. Thus, prevention is better than cure. To get the right cure for your spinal problems, it is mandatory thus to keep a check on the qualifications of your spine doctor.
  • Consultations- Nowadays, often doctors recommend going for different medical tests to know about the problem. Besides that, it is needed that doctors provide useful consultation to their patients. Through a proper consultation, doctors can better understand the root cause of a spinal problem. An accurate diagnosis can also be done by proper consultation.
  • Surgery- Many times, a spinal problem can be cured without any surgery. Thus, it is suggested before consulting spine doctors; you can try non-surgical approaches like physical therapy, medication, techniques for pain management, etc. This can save the enormous amount of money spent that you need to spend on any spine surgery. Further, you can also save yourself from the pain that you experience during any surgery.

Types Of Spine Doctors

There are different kinds of back pain specialists for treating your back pain, depending on the spinal problems. A few of the types of back pain doctors are

  • Paediatrician- The category of these doctors provides treatment and diagnosis for different childhood health problems that include injuries and back pain. In case your child faces some spinal problems, then you consult a paediatrician to get proper treatment.
  • Orthopedists- An orthopedist can specialize in dealing with spinal problems from head to toe of your body. Especially, your spine is included in it. Some of the conditions that can be dealt with by an orthopaedic doctor are scoliosis, ruptured discs, low back or neck pain, etc. A few of the surgeries performed by an orthopaedic doctor can be performed by a neurosurgeon.
  • Neurosurgeons- Neurosurgeon deals with conditions and diseases of your nervous system. Often, you can face spinal problems because of some neurological conditions. Thus, you can consult a neurosurgeon to solve your spinal issues due to nervous conditions. A neurosurgeon can perform the surgery on the spine, brain or spinal cord.
  • Rheumatologists- Different forms of arthritis are treated by a rheumatologist. Symptoms related to ankylosing spondylitis, axial spondylosis, sacroiliitis, etc., can be treated by a rheumatologist.
  • Physiatrists- If you need help in the physical functioning of your body, then you can consult physiatrists. They help in treating lower back pains, athletic injuries, etc.


Thus, spine doctors can help you remain fit by treating ailments related to spinal issues. This can help you lead a healthy life and proper attention by catering to your body’s needs. You can thus consult a spine doctor by going through their patient’s reviews on different websites.