Spotify’s New Playlist In A Bottle Feature For 2024

It is now the beginning of a new year, which indicates that it is time to look ahead into the future – more specifically if you are a Spotify user, exactly one year into the future. Just like every year, Spotify has come up with something interesting. The best part is that the suspense of this feature will continue to amaze you till January 2024.

A brand new tool on Spotify has just been introduced, and it’s called “Playlist in a Bottle.” With it, you can create a musical time capsule for your future self, and fill it with at least three songs. After you have completed the playlist, it will be unavailable until January 2024, providing you with a nostalgic look back at the music you were listening to at the beginning of 2023.

Up to January 31st, the Playlist in a Bottle feature will be accessible to users of both the free and premium versions of Spotify. It will be gone as soon as the month of February begins.

A step-by-step guide to creating a “Playlist in a Bottle” on Spotify

Before you do anything further, check to see that the Spotify app on your phone has the most recent update and that you are logged into it. This is the most basic requirement and you will not be able to enjoy this latest feature in 2023. So the best time to enjoy it is to start using Spotify today.

When you are ready, use your mobile device to navigate to the homepage of the Playlist in a Bottle app. If clicking the link takes you to Spotify’s app store page, all you need to do is touch the Open button.

Tap the Get Started button, then select the container for your time capsule music that you would like to use: A bottle, a pocket, a gumball machine, a lunch box, or a teddy bear are some examples of possible hiding places.

When you’ve decided on an item, you can then begin selecting the music that you want to keep for later use. As a means of assisting you in this endeavor, Spotify will present you with questions to answer, such as “A song you need to hear live in 2023,” or “A song you’re secretly infatuated with.”

What’s Next?

To find the song you want, you need to tap the blank box that is located below the question. You also have the option to select Random to have Spotify select the song for you, or you can select New Question to view a different set of questions.

A list of songs that have been suggested as possible responses to the query “A song that sounds like the year 3023” that is part of the game “Playlist in a Bottle” hosted by Spotify.

The music that you have added to other playlists will be given higher priority by the search engine. Spotify

You only need to choose three songs, but you are free to add as many as you like; once you have added the third track, simply hit the Keep Going button. Tap the I’m Done button, however, when you are ready to complete your time capsule.

Think about the songs you’ve added to your playlist. Tap any of the songs you selected to make adjustments to your choices; to add additional songs, tap the Add Songs button; and to complete the process, tap the Lock In button.

A rundown of tracks that are about to be incorporated into a “Playlist in a Bottle” playlist.

After you have finalized your selections, Spotify will lock down the playlist and provide you with a card that you can post on various social media platforms to let others know what you have chosen.

The playlist will be unlocked on January 1, 2024, and Spotify will give it to you so that you can enjoy a throwback concert.

So what you can do in 2023, especially January 2023, make yourself a renowned and well-reputed Spotify music artist? You need to have thousands of Streams on Spotify with some genuine Spotify followers who will help you in continuing your journey towards success.