Squirrel Infestation – Threats and Methods for Prevention

Squirrels are one of the most commonly found animals in nature. Squirrel Infestationare famous due to their unique tail, speedy running, and climbing in rough and tough places such as trees, buildings, etc. They are found living  in narrow spaces in buildings, trees, and other fixtures. 

Squirrels usually wander in 10,000 square meters area around their residing place. Their sharp teeth are very helpful for them to eat several ranges of edibles whether soft or hard. The sharpness of the squirrel’s teeth is beneficial for the animal itself but a nightmare for nearby residents.

Although they look pretty, when a home becomes a victim of their infestation, it can be quite a problem for residents. Their ultimate resort is to hire squirrel removal Surrey services. 

Threats of Squirrel Infestation

Squirrel Infestation are dangerous for humans in several ways. Following threats could be faced by the people if the squirrel is residing nearby.

Human Diseases

Squirrel Infestation are a source of spreading a number of diseases amongst human beings. They are carriers of SQPV (squirrel pox virus) which is extremely dangerous for human health. This virus is not present in every squirrel but in Grey squirrel only. Once the virus is transmitted to any other squirrel in a territory, all the animals present there become affected and carriers of the virus. There is a probability that people will eat food defiled by the squirrel that could lead them to sickness.

Theft of Food

Squirrels have a habit of stealing foods from food stores, kitchens, open-yards, and even from dining tables, if accessible. Their stealing activities increase to a manifold in the autumn season because of the reduction in easy availability of fruits, nuts, and other fresh grown edible plucking, and their reliance increases on the stored goods. The presence of squirrels in more numbers can cause a serious loss to the store owners.

Loss to Wooden Assets

Squirrels are well known for their sharp teeth and their abrasion ability. It can damage the wooden and other soft material assets seriously. It is not tolerable to let the squirrels reside nearby your business or accommodation to avoid any kind of financial loss as the result of assets damaging.

Source of Dirt

Squirrels sometimes live more densely which causes dirt in the environment. A habit of living densely is found more common in Grey squirrels as compared to red ones. They used to eat fruits, nuts, and other grains in random places which create dirt. Besides, their wastes are also a source of unhygienic living places for human beings.

Prevention Methods

It is much necessary to take preventive measures to get rid of squirrels and make your area squirrels free for the development of a hygienic, neat, and clean living place. Following arrangements could be made for the eradication of this unwanted animal.

Block Entries in Buildings

Squirrels must be stopped to enter the buildings so as to avoid the losses due to them. Food stores, kitchens, and other relevant places are mostly affected by their presence. They could be restricted from entering the buildings by following arrangements.

  • Covering or blocking the gaps in windows and doors that allow the squirrels to enter buildings.
  • Trimming the branches of trees and plants touching the building.
  • Covering the drain holes and pipes with the safety lids.
  • Covering the vents and chimneys with mesh sheets. 

Controlling Food Availability

Squirrels could be reduced with the minimized food availability for them. Sometimes, or in specific seasons, the squirrels are mostly dependent on the cast-off foods of the humans or animals. If these foods are controlled to reach the squirrels and arranged to dispose-off carefully, pest control surrey it could help to get rid of this animal.

Minimizing the Fruity trees near Buildings

Squirrels usually build their nests on fruity trees which also make the provision of food for them. The presenceThe presence of fruit trees near the buildings will lead them to live on the same trees or plants. So, keeping away such trees from your building could help to avoid the squirrels to disturb you. Further, the services of any professional Pest Controlling Agency could be hired that will help you in a better way to get rid of the squirrels. Make sure to do proper research before hiring pest control surrey experts to ensure you will have to deal with experienced professionals only.

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