Steps to Follow for Starting a Career in Machine Learning

Machine learning in our times is flourishing at a rate never seen before. It is perhaps the only way of reducing human error and bringing about more efficiency in the day to day processes. Machine learning is gradually becoming mainstream and more real-world applications are soon to follow. Machine learning models are somewhat autonomous and can perform mundane tasks with a higher degree of efficiency. 

The craze of boosting the efficiency factor experienced a hike after the lockdowns. The home stuck population demanded a change in existing service paradigms and machine learning emerged as a response. Due to the massive financial pressure and service demands businesses and industries are leaning towards machine learning as an affordable outsourcing option. 

This mass preference is however paving the way for heightened recruitment campaigns. Which is the prime motivation for this article. The following discussion will try to enlighten the reader regarding the safest strategy for starting a career in machine learning.

Education and training 

Covid19 rendered the tradition of in-person training impossible. Hence, it is wiser to look for an online machine learning course for obtaining the necessary knowledge and training. It is possible to learn machine learning from home and experience a big institute’s feels with the comfort of the same. 


But before enrolling in a random course, it is important to browse in order to effectively avoid the menaces of the internet. Extensive browsing generates knowledge and the ability to differentiate between right and wrongs. Online institutes tend to present lofty promises in order to attract potential students with hard-earned money to invest. But often they do very little in terms of delivering the promises. With extensive browsing, the facility and menaces can be dealt with by a deeper look after sorting out the relatively realistic ones. 


A deeper look means studying the history and present of the institute. The investigation regarding the performance and activities of the institute reveals what it packs in terms of delivering those promises. The ties and on-going deals of an institute determine the reliability of the institute and the chances of getting a job after qualifying from the same. 

Another revealing aspect of a website is the reviews and rating sections. Scrutinizing them might help in spotting fake reviews. The institute under investigation must present the details of a reviewer, failing to do so must provoke outright disqualification. 

The syllabus on offer is the next prime subject of investigation. As the relevance of the course depends on 


Networking involves talking with the alumni and faculty. The alumni are a very important source of information as they have been through it all. The former students can give important insights regarding the good intentions of the institute for keeping promises. Additionally, the professional standing of the former students helps in understanding the efforts and investments on behalf of the institute. 

It is important to remember that a senior from the institute is also a senior from work and sometimes a potential recruiter. Hence, keeping in touch with them will not only mean a smooth transition from college to work but also in the case of shifting the job in the future. With the support of seniors in the scene, it is a lot easier to land a well-paying job.

The faculty, however, can elaborate on their interests and background. The area of their expertise determines what knowledge is up for gaining. And what skills a student might develop under their guidance. The relevance of the knowledge and skills will determine the future success of a student. 

Innovation and experience

After completion of a machine learning online course, some innovative effort should be made if time permits for the same. Instead of looking for a job immediately, it is wise to try and develop your own models and gain some work experience. Development and training of machine learning models are tedious affairs but after completion of one such project or two might heighten the experience several-fold. 

What companies expect from a fresher is work experience. Due to the nature of data-dependent ventures, the risk of loss is high and any risk regarding employment quality is not entertained.

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Author’s words

A recommendation for the fresher and willing will be to look for internships. Even if there is no financial prospect the prospect of gaining valuable experience should drive any enthusiast towards an internship. A course alone can not suffice for the demands of today’s industries. At-work, hands-on experience is the key to landing a good enough job. And for sustenance, networking is essential.