Stranger Things season 4, part 2

Stranger Things season 4 part 2

why are the episodes so long? The creators justify themselves

After part 1 put online on May 27, season 4 of Stranger Things ends on Netflix with part 2, the release date of which is set for Friday, July 1, 2022. But for these last two episodes, you will have to hang on: they will be extra long. But why did the creators decide to make XXL episodes? They explained themselves over time.

We waited a lease to see season 4 of Stranger Things but the creators spoiled us with season 4. Well, it depends for whom. If the fans were delighted to discover XXL episodes (the shortest of part 1 lasts 1h04), others were disillusioned by the length of these new unpublished. And it’s not over since episodes 8 and 9 will be even longer: 1h25 and 2h19 respectively. Yes, 2h20! The duration of a long film. But why this choice?

Episodes impossible to reduce

The Duffer brothers who created Stranger Things took advantage of an interview given to Variety to respond to those who find the episodes too long. According to them, it is simply because they could not take anything away, according to them. “ If you watch an episode, we couldn’t cut 15 minutes earlier ,” said Matt Duffer.

Regarding the 2:20 finale, Ross Duffer explained that it was also not possible to shorten it. ” The first part builds the terror. The second part is the action and the chaos. Then the third part is everything that comes after that. We didn’t want to stop it. It wouldn’t have been an episode satisfying .” did he declare. In the end, it is therefore up to the viewer to make his choice if he finds it too long, he added: ” At one point we said to ourselves, ‘It’s a mega-episode’. If the people want to pause, they can! “.

For now, it’s unknown if Season 5 – which will be the last – will be just as long, but the length of Season 4 episodes also explains why they are the most expensive in the series so far. According to the Wall Street Journal, the fourth season would have cost $270 million, or $30 million per episode. Yes, that’s a lot!

Stranger Things season 4, part 2: 7 hidden details in the trailer

The release date is already fixed: it is on July 1, 2022 that Netflix will put part 2 of season 4 of Stranger Things online. Number of episodes in the program? Only two but they will be XXL since the finale will exceed two hours. Are you already looking forward to it? If you can’t wait, check out the sequel trailer…and the hidden details. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the end of part 1.

To discover the continuation of season 4 of Stranger Things , it will not be necessary to wait very long. But like us, you may already be eager to see what’s next. And it’s normal given the end of part 1 which left us in a big suspense. After our theories on part 2 , we decided to analyze the trailer, launched by Netflix this Thursday, June 9, 2022. And we spotted some important details for the sequel.

1. Robin in mortal danger?

Robin in mortal danger
Robin in mortal danger

The creators of Stranger Things have teased a heartbreaking part 2 with potentially a death in the key. But who will die? We are already rather worried about Nancy (Natalia Dyer) which Vecna ​​took possession of at the end of the game. But what if it was actually Robin (Maya Hawke) who died? In the trailer, we can very quickly see an image of Robin, captured by Vecna. If we think it’s Robin, it’s because in another image, we can see her back in the Upside Down with a beret on her head. In the stealth scene, it looks like Steve (Joe Keery) is trying to free her.

2.Vecna ​​VS Eleven

Vecna ​​VS Eleven
Vecna ​​VS Eleven

Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) seemed to regain her powers and is now ready to defeat her enemy Vecna. And it looks like they’re going to have a face-off in the rest of the series. A succession of scenes suggests this big confrontation and we can even see what seems to be Eleven’s feet taking off the ground, surely using all her powers to defeat the big bad.

3. Hopper’s discoveries

Hopper's discoveries
Hopper’s discoveries

In Part 1, Hopper ( David Harbour ) faced off against a Demogorgon. And it looks like the Russians have conducted more than one experiment on the creatures of the Upside Down since, in the trailer, we can see the Mind Flayer (mental flayer) and another demogorgon in kinds of aquariums. Nice…

4. Dustin in the Upside Down

Dustin in the Upside Down
Dustin in the Upside Down

It’s not just Steve, Nancy and Robin in the Upside Down. An image from the trailer also shows that Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) should be there too. He can be seen back to back with Eddie (Joseph Quinn) protecting himself from something that doesn’t appear in the picture.

5. Lucas in PLS… but why?

Lucas in PLS
Lucas in PLS

One of the images shows Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) clearly at the end of his life. But why ? Will her little sister be attacked? Or does it have something to do with Max (Sadie Sink)? Yeah, we’re always scared she’ll end up dead and if she did, that might explain Lucas’ face.

6. These reminiscent cracks

reminiscent cracks

Another detail: in a scene, we see Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) in the lab observing cracks. Traces that are clearly reminiscent of the one left in Eddie’s trailer after Vecna’s attack on Chrissy.

7. Missing

Several characters are missing from this trailer. Yes, you may not have thought of it but do not see Joyce ( Winona Ryder ), Will (Noah Schnapp), Mike (Finn Wolfhard) or even Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). Where did they go?

Stranger Things season 4: our 7 theories on the sequel before the release of part 2

Fans were able to watch, or rather binge-watch, Part / Volume 1 of Season 4 of Stranger Things. And Eleven, Mike, Will, Max, Dustin, Steve, Robin, Hopper or even Joyce still have a lot of work to do to counter the Upside Down… Before seeing part 2 / volume 2 whose release date is fixed July 1, 2022 on Netflix, here are our 7 theories on the sequel! Warning, this article contains spoilers.

1. Hopper goes to find Eleven

After season 4 part 1 of Stranger Thingswhich is available on Netflix , and which has been in the top 10 since its release, Stranger Things fans are waiting for part 2 of season 4. And like the fans, we already have theories before the broadcast! Hopper ( David Harbour ) is strongly believed to be reuniting with his adopted daughter Eleven/Eleven/Elf/Jane ( Millie Bobby Brown ), aka the heroine with too many nicknames. The sheriff has already found Joyce ( Winona Ryder ) and Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman), finally it is rather they who managed to find him after hours spent in the car and by plane. Now that they are about to leave Russia, the trio should return to the USA and find the teenager who will save the world again!

2. Will is going to come out

Will (Noah Schnapp) would be gay , many fans have thought so since season 1. At the same time, no need to have done the ENA to capture! And when Will told Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in Season 4 Part 1, “I think it’s scary to say how you feel to people you really care about ,” they knew they were certainly right. Many Netflix subscribers are waiting for his coming out in the sequel. Because like them, we don’t see how Will couldn’t FINALLY come out after all that. We hope it will be as epic as that of Robin (Maya Hawke)!

3. Max and Nancy will be saved

Steve (Joe Keery), Robin and Eddie (Joseph Quinn) join Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max and Erica (Priah Ferguson) in the real world. But not Nancy (Natalia Dyer), who finds herself stranded alone in the Upside Down! Except that Nancy could get out of the Upside Down and be saved thanks to Steve (and his supposed sacrifice), and thanks to Eddie who we see playing guitar in the Upside Down in a video teaser. As a reminder, Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) left the Upside Down and survived thanks to Kate Bush’s hit Running up that Hill . Suddenly, Nancy too could survive thanks to another piece of the 1980s.

4. Steve is going to die

On the other hand, Steve Harrington could well die… The hated character of the first episodes has become one of the favorites of the Netflix series over the seasons, which makes him the perfect target to shoot down. Well yeah, sorry. In addition, he gets closer to his ex Nancy, who no longer sees Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). Many fans believe that Steve will sacrifice himself for Nancy and get killed in future episodes. And even if we don’t want to believe it #sauvonssteve, the interpreter of Will, who knows the end of Stranger Things , confirmed that the end would be “sad”. So we think it’s really a possibility…

5. Eleven will face Vecna

Eleven is very nice, but her powers, she is a bit useless against the monsters of the Upside Down. Except that the one who calls herself Jane now should regain her powers. Hallelujah! Well, on the other hand, it will be thanks to Dr. Brenner and his diving into his memories. But the bottom line is that she should go back to being the badass star she was. As a result, she could once again face Vecna, who happens to be Peter Ballard, but also One, the first guinea pig child in the lab, but also Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower). And if Millie Bobby Brown hopes that Eleven will die at the end , she also thinks that it will not be the case. It should therefore be Vecna ​​who would be beaten for a happy ending. In any case, that’s what we hope!

6. Eddie is number 10

Eddie is the rocker and geek rebel we love in this season 4! And a theory seems to stick to the outsider: Eddie would have been one of the child guinea pigs of the Hawkins laboratory, like Eleven. And he would be number 10 more exactly, because we didn’t see his body after the massacre at the lab. As a reminder, Eddie had also explained that he had “shaved hair” when he was little… So he would also have superpowers, which he would no longer remember following the shock of the killing?

7. The identity of Eleven’s biological father will be revealed

Eleven spends Season 4 being bullied and harassed by horrible high school students, and having flashbacks. And it turns out that we see her biological mother again, from whom she was snatched by Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine). Between that, and the return of Dr. Brenner, her “dad” from the Hawkins lab, we think that Eleven’s past will therefore be once again important for the future. And while we have already had the right to details about his mother, we do not yet know anything about his biological father. But we think we should learn his identity, given these “teasings” on his mother. And besides, a fan theory says that we already know the biological father of Eleven: it would be One / Vecna. Knowing that he was the first guinea pig, he could very well have conceived Eleven.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 arrives July 1 on Netflix.

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