Stuck in a Rut? Creative Techniques to Start Studying Again

Over the past 20 years, changes around us have taken place in a more radical way, which is associated with the development of information technology. A gap has emerged between the younger and older generations. The gap needs to be bridged somehow, but we see that it is not easy.

Forcing yourself to study is the same struggle when you’re 18 and when you’re 30, but the changes in technology have also added another layer of struggle to the older generation that didn’t grow up with smartphones. Nevertheless, let’s see how to deal with the causes of the creative block and how to constantly want to start studying again.

What are the reasons to get stuck in a rut?

Fear and laziness can block the desire to learn for a person who graduated from college and got a job. It seems to him that it will always be like this. Then the fear of new technologies may come. At 40, memory is no longer the same as at 18, everything new seems very complicated and unbearable. That is why it is critical not to stop the learning process so that such sensations never arise at all.

In other words, only those people who are constantly learning become good professionals: They watch webinars, attend meetups, watch lectures, read guides by Osmosis, or communicate in a professional get-together. After all, you can learn everything in general. Often, fear keeps us from trying new things. Therefore, we have to try to get out of our comfort zone somehow.

A vital component is a party

Even though people usually learn in a relaxed atmosphere sometimes it’s good to switch it up a bit. A person may not even notice how he learned something. Jokes, simple tasks in the first lesson – the main thing is to make it clear that everything is easy. Friends will serve as additional motivation. There are group classes for this or different clubs you can take part in. In these clubs, you can discuss different lessons and problems and come up with fun solutions. Make sure the space you are studying in has snacks and a RO water filter because you’ll be there for hours.

Trick your mind and move from theory to practice

Our thinking is sluggish, saying, “Oh, why?” – These tricks have no basis in reality. But, personal development requires continuing education, learning new abilities, and widening one’s horizons. When it comes to motivation, older folks are a great source of inspiration. They are now driven by a strong desire to learn new technology. Still, it’s tough to sit for several hours and just listen. It is preferable to start with practice and then explain how it works and provide theoretical information along the way.

No need to force yourself

People are learning something constantly. It just needs to be made meaningful and not random consumption of information that has come to hand. It is challenging to build a career trajectory on your own. How does it usually happen? If I want to become a doctor, then I need to go to medical school. This direct and tough approach has not worked for a long time. That’s why it is quite important to talk about the development of this profession and the acquisition of additional skills.

You need to focus on self-determination and the challenges you face. Alternatively, your own dreams. The main thing is not to give up. Sometimes answers can be found in completely unexpected places (books, communities, individuals).

Make yourself want more

Wanting more will make a person need to grow and study. To want more, you need to meet new people and get out of your usual circle. And also read a couple of biographies of great people. It is very inspiring and triggers reflection on one’s own life path. Then there is a desire to think more.


Look for various educational opportunities. Education, on the one hand, allows you to take fate into your own hands, on the other hand, to find a new community, new like-minded people. This ultimately expands the horizon, i.e. reveals something that was simply impossible to imagine before, both in the profession, in the organization of free time, and in interpersonal relationships.