Studds is the world’s most significant helmet producer. The company came to light in 1972 and started manufacturing helmets. Today, they produce nearly 7 million helmets and motorcycle equipment. They are recognized as the largest two-wheeler helmet producers globally. 

Their labs have been verified by European Safety Agency and Safety in India. The company employs state-of-the-art technology to manufacture certified products. In the years 2019 and 2020, they produced nearly 58 million helmets. 

Their headquarters are in Faridabad and have over 50 products using advanced technology. Their market share in India is 26%, and they supply products to over forty countries globally. The Studds share price is unlisted shares is Rs. 1525. 

It intends to take over the domestic market by over 40% in the coming three years. It has a Compound Annual Growth Rate of nearly 32% recorded in the past three years. The company is home to 20153 employees and connects with 385 dealers globally. 

The reasons owing to their rampant growth and success are the Studds unlisted share price, innovation of 16 new products in 3 years, passing security tests and quality assessments, adapting different helmet sizes, and their global presence. The helmets are priced between Rs. 825 and 2165, allowing economical rates for everyone. 

They also have more expensive helmets catering to a different audience. In addition, they sell motorcycle accessories such as gloves, jackets, and glasses. Their sales in India contribute to 92% of their revenue, which is earned from exports. 


The primary products sold by the company are helmets. However, there are numerous types. They are:

  1. Full face helmets 

These helmets provide amplified safety and mass coverage. They are offered in different sizes and colors. Only the visor can be undone, and the chin bar is fixed. They are lightweight and allow noise cancellation.

2. Flip-up full-sized helmets

These are a hybrid between full-sized and flip-up helmets. They are also exceedingly secure and convenient. People also call them open face helmets, and the visor can be opened. It has a unique look and is ideal for people who may wish to extend the flap. 

3. Flip off face full helmets 

These are altered types of modular helmets. One can remove the chin guard and unlock the helmet and they possess dual visors. 

  • Open face helmets 
  • Sporting helmets 

As the name suggests, sporting helmets are used while endorsing a sports activity such as horse riding, mountain climbing, biking, skating, and several others. They protect in case the wearer falls. 

4. Industrial helmets 

These are yellow helmets often used by construction workers or people working at an active site. They resemble an umbrella and provide safety against rains, electric shock, falling of debris, etc. 


The rise of the pandemic was hard on the company as the rest of the world. They suffered manufacturing setbacks and could not deliver their orders in the first year. However, by 2020, they picked up the slack and revived the company by rising to the challenge and delivering their orders. 

The pandemic complicated the procurement of raw materials but the company was dedicated to working tirelessly and accomplishing its goals. They joined forces with their suppliers who helped expedite the process and overcome the challenges.