Study Abroad: Why Hire an Education Agency?

The 21st-century job market is no easy task. With each passing day, young professionals have to learn new knowledge, as companies want people who can multitask. Even during school education, young people should be encouraged to accumulate experiences that open doors to the world. A trend among students and recent graduates is to study in Oceania.

Countries like Australia and New Zealand have educational institutions that are among the best universities in the world. These schools offer different types of courses, which can be adapted to the student’s time and resource needs. In addition to excellence in education, these nations offer quality of life and great security, making the experience abroad even more valuable.

However, for this very important stage of life to be a success, anyone interested in studying abroad should plan their exchange program down to the smallest detail: which city? Which course? For how long? How much money will it take? What documentation is needed? These are just some of the points you should keep an eye on before boarding.

Do you need help organizing your trip to Australia or New Zealand? This guide has everything you need to know to get far. Follow up!

Why plan?

Planning a trip for studying in Oceania is not something that simple. As this is a continent change over a period of time, you must be prepared for the challenges of this decision.

In order to extract only great life experiences, it is necessary to plan your exchange in every detail – from choosing the country, through the type of course chosen, to how to keep yourself financially away from home, the most ordinary aspects must be taken into account. .

The first step we recommend taking in this planning is to find an education agency specialized in the chosen destination.

A well-planned plan will make your life easier, as “unwanted surprises” are harder to come by during your time away from Brazil. When you organize your trip well, all the details of your stay away from home will be arranged before boarding.

You leave Brazilian lands knowing where you will live, study, work and how much you will spend. This gives peace of mind for you and your family members, who will be aware of your every step in Oceania.

Why hire an education agency?

An investment of a season studying and living in the countries of Oceania requires a lot of care. After all, no one wants to end such an experience feeling like they’ve had a financial loss.

In order for you to make the most of this journey in Australia or New Zealand, our suggestion is to hire an education agency that specializes in arranging student travel to this part of the world.

The reasons to count on this professional help are numerous. So, here we are going to list the main services offered by an agency and how each of them will make your life easier before, during and after the exchange.

Partnerships with the best schools

When someone interested in studying in Oceania starts looking for course options, they soon notice that there are hundreds of educational institutions in the region. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose one of them without the proper help of those who know the subject.

These companies specialize in bridging the gap between schools and students. The agency’s staff has detailed knowledge about the institutions and courses offered, as well as practical information about the best cities to live in. In many cases, experts have personal experiences that have lived and studied in Oceania. Want more ownership on the subject than that?

With this support, you will have the best information about life outside Brazil. Those who are leaving the country for the first time are always afraid of what they will find. Cultural and language barriers can create doubts, so having someone who knows what they’re talking about will only help.

Assistance to obtain the visa

The agency will also assist in obtaining a visa to enter Australia and New Zealand. There is all the specific documentation required by the consulates of these countries for a person to be accepted for an exchange.

Dealing with this paperwork is not an easy task and any mistake can derail the trip for a long time. So, once again, having the services of an agency specialized in exchanges guarantees tranquility and security for this new experience.

Support throughout the study

Hiring a company to make your dream of studying abroad come true, you will have support throughout the period you are in foreign lands.

Before boarding, you will be helped with travel procedures. When you arrive in Oceania, a partner company will be waiting to transfer you to your new home.

Before boarding, you will be helped with travel procedures. When you arrive in Oceania, a partner company will be waiting to transfer you to your new home. This avoids getting lost in an unfamiliar city on the first day and after a long trip.

An important tip is to hire an agency that has an office or representatives in the chosen city in order to have help in case of unforeseen circumstances.