Stylish Black Kurta – Men’s Fashion Online

Kurta for men is a garment that is hugely worn by the people, especially in Asian countries. It was during the ancient times and also the early medieval era when this garment had become popular amongst the Asian population so much so, that it eventually turned into staple wear for men around the world. To ace the fashion game, a Kurta can be of massive use. To look stylish like never before, this garment plays an important role. 

Starting from festivals to occasions, from various events at the workplace to the daily lifestyle, a kurta has come a long way when it comes to its diversification and development. Just like all the other outfits, a kurta has also undergone many changes. From just one conventional style, now one can find it in many styles which were earlier not known. Be it a short kurta for boys or long, both of them work equally well when it comes to styling. 

A Brief History of Kurtas

The outfits that constituted Kurtas have always been royal. The feeling one gets after adorning one is beyond any expectations. If you are thinking that only men wore these outfits then you are mistaken. The records show that women also wore kurtas daily. In India, people belonging to various places in the Northern parts, like Haryana and Punjab, have an innate tendency of wearing kurtas as regular garments. 

With a Kurta comes salwar, pajamas and nowadays jeans or even trousers that can be easily paired. People have started finding new ways to pair this garment with different things which would bring them both comfort and style. Be it a half kurta for men or a long one, both have their importance in their very own ways. 

The traces during the time of Indus Valley Civilization clearly shows art forms or clothing that can be seen as a modern-day Kurta. During those times, Sarees, half sleeve, and long sleeve Kurtas were all that was there for the people to wear, especially in the Indian subcontinent. One of the most interesting facts about this garment is that the manuscript on Atharva Veda has mentioned such garments in earlier times. 

Therefore, following the structure of this garment, various rulers of those times made their regular outfits. A black kurta for men or for that matter any colored kurta is useful for wearing in a variety of events. As time progressed, the contemporary world saw a volcano of innovations when it came to all types of traditional clothing. Wearing a kurta makes any kind of body movement easier, and if it is a cotton kurta then the comfort one feels is unmatchable. 

Black kurta combinations for men to look out for 

The color black never goes out of style, hence a black kurta also serves to be one of the best outfits to carry. Now let’s look at some of the combinations one can wear to slay the look. The list for the same is as follows: 

  • To begin with, pair a black coloured kurta with white pajamas
  • Pairing this kurta with comfortable jeans
  • To make the look extraordinary, taking a shawl along helps 
  • An all-black short kurta for men with jeans looks stunning
  • Put a black overcoat along with a black outfit
  • A printed kurta in black colour with casual trousers 
  • Add a waistcoat to this attire 
  • Black denim kurta along with denim jeans 

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