2 Technical Ways to Treat Astigmatism

We all have astigmatism somehow. All of us have faced blurred vision at some point in our lives. The matter remains there until or unless the symptoms get worse. Some people diagnosed with astigmatism often believe that this issue is going to remain the same for their eyes. Fortunately, thanks to the technology which has brought these options to astigmatism patients.

  • Toric IOL implant
  • Toric lenses

In the former, the doctor examines the patient’s prescriptions and most importantly he would check for the curvature of the cornea to check at what stage astigmatism lies. A special instrument such as Assort Toric IOL Calculator is used to get accurate measurements. The need for using glasses gets minimized after using this instrument in the surgery.

In the latter context, the second option is a patient can wear Toric lenses. Although these lenses can treat astigmatism but can help limit the progression and are considered as the best option patients can have. Apart from these two options, patients can do other things as well to treat astigmatism with many options. some of them are:


People might believe it or not, but there are eye exercises that aim to treat astigmatism naturally. Just like our other body parts, our eyes have muscles that need to be used regularly, and use doesn’t mean staring at the computer screens for hours. It is about exercising the eye muscles.

It helps to reduce stress which is the major point as it is suggested that astigmatism patients should never put a strain on themselves as it can affect their eye health further. so exercising reduces stress and strengthens the eye muscles. There are different exercise methods one can follow to revive the health of his eyes. here are:

Eye massage

this exercise method has a great impact on the shape of the cornea. massaging eyes promotes blood circulation as well.

Vision breaks and focus

It’s time to keep all reading and writing stuff aside and take a vision break. put your books, gadgets, and everything down and just relax. focus on some object placed at a distance for 20 seconds and.. all done. This is the simplest yet most effective way to treat your eyes for better health.


As mentioned above, treatment for astigmatism is the surgery of toric lenses but astigmatism treatment also includes taking healthy diets and vitamins that have a huge impact on our vision. Here are some vitamins that help to control astigmatism and the symptoms it causes.

Vitamin A

We have read many times that Vitamin A is good for eyesight. If someone has a problem with vision, he should start taking Vitamin A for better eye health. Vitamin A is highly found in green vegetables such as spinach, leafy greens, carrots, and winter squash.

Vitamin C

We have mostly heard that taking vitamin C is very essential for the skin and helps a lot in making your skin look bright, glowy, and healthy but it is hardly mentioned that Vitamin C is also essential for the overall health of the eyes. Though there are sources of taking vitamin C through supplements it is best suggested that you should take it in natural form. Vitamin C is found in leafy vegetables, strawberries, pepper, and citrus foods such as lemons.