Techniques To Increase Sales

7 Tips for your sales team


When your washing machine, vacuum cleaner or television no longer works optimally, the first thing you think about, especially if it’s been years since you bought it, is to replace all these appliances. Why shouldn’t you do the same with all those sales techniques that are obsolete and do not perform at their best, even more so if there is no optimal vision of a film but your own turnover ? In a constantly evolving world, where everything can change from one day to the next, it is necessary to keep up to date on the buying habits of the average consumer and on vonhaus discount code to increase sales , in order not to be cut off from the market.

In this sense, if until now you have relied on door-to-door selling (by the way, in the article linked to the side you will find some of the reasons why this way of selling no longer works!), It is not certain that this working method can be effective even now. This is because, to date, in most cases the consumer searches for information online before buying a product. This means that opening up to new channels on the web could allow you to gain further visibility, which would result in new contacts and new sales.


Admit it: in your company the Sales Team still uses the good, old, Excel file to keep track of the contacts received and the relationships undertaken with customers or prospects. While it can be reassuring to remain attached to your habits and methods you have always used, it is also necessary to innovate your company to be able to increase sales.

In this sense, an Excel file is not the best solution to better manage your customer database . It is precisely to optimize the entire process of acquisition and relationship with the contact that CRMs are born, which deal with Customer Relationship Management. These are innovative platforms that make it possible to overcome the most common problems reported by those who still use obsolete contact management systems:


Especially in medium or large companies, it is easy for unexpected events and misunderstandings to arise between one department and another or even within the same department during commercial negotiations. This happens because the amount of information to be updated and taken into consideration is particularly high and coping with everything is really a complex process. This is why workflows for the Sales Team are born , automation systems that allow you to:

  • Always know what needs to be done ;
  • Who has to take care of a particular activity ;
  • Understanding at what point of the commercial negotiation has arrived and what steps are missing to achieve success in the sale;
  • Reduce the closing times of commercial negotiations.


We have already specified that today’s consumer has become an active subject in the commercial negotiation. This means that he is no longer the one who undergoes the sale, but he is the one who already knows (by means of online research) a lot of information about the product or service he is interested in. Or, even, he is the one who approaches the company precisely to receive this information and, on the basis of this, decide which product or service to buy and, above all, in which company.

By virtue of all this, whether it is applying an online strategy or an offline strategy, it is essential to inform, before selling. Today, in fact, the one who knocks on the door of the house and insists on closing the deal is frowned upon by the consumer, who first of all seeks a consultant able to solve his problem . Because, let’s be clear, being able to bring home a sale from someone who is not expressing a need related to the product or service offered, is almost impossible.


The relationship does not end with the sale. Even if this is a significant goal for the turnover and growth of your company, even more important is being able to maintain a strong relationship with the customer over time. This, in fact, allows to achieve customer loyalty , a much broader and more ambitious goal than the simple sale. Customer loyalty means not only increasing customer life time value, an indicator that measures the profit that each customer can bring to the company over time, but also facilitating and making the entire Marketing and Sales Team operator more efficient. It is much easier, in fact, to bring back those who have already purchased to the company, compared to continuously looking for new contacts to convert.

In this sense, the techniques for increasing online shopping also include all those actions aimed at increasing a customer’s trust in your company, keeping the relationship running even after some time. It is therefore possible to carry out an effective email marketing activity : sending newsletters, as we see in the article ” Email marketing examples: how to get to the sale “, is essential for communicating news, promotions, alerts to the customer. Messages can also be useful and even closer to the user. 

It happened to me just a few weeks ago to entrust myself to a new hairdresser, who recommended me a specific method to straighten my hair. After a few days, I received a private message from himin which the hairdresser asked me how I was finding myself with the new method. I was undoubtedly pleased to know that she remembered my case and this led to an increase in my confidence in her.


In this article we have seen 7 techniques to increase sales within your company. In an imaginary journey towards the optimization of the sales team’s business negotiations, it is first of all necessary to open up to new channels (both online and offline) to be able to acquire new contacts.

Which will then be converted into customers. It is possible to achieve this goal through CRM and innovative workflows, which allow greater internal efficiency to the department, avoiding unexpected events and creating reminders for every single step to be implemented to close the deal. Subsequently, both during phone calls and during meetings, it is important to inform,before selling, understanding the potential customer’s need and proposing the best solution for him. In this sense, the ultimate goal must be customer loyalty, which allows you to constantly increase customer lifetime value and sales. To achieve this goal it is necessary to start upsell and cross-sell sales processes and lead the customer to become a real  supporter of the  company.