The BRIDAL HAND SPA TREATMENT: how to get the best experience

“Perhaps nothing is so fraught with significance as the human hand.” These wise words from international peace advocate Jane Addams, the first female American Nobel Laureate, remind us of the need to show some love to our much used and abused appendages. And there is no better reason to pamper them than the biggest event of your childhood dreams — your wedding day! Yes, the wedding to-do list can indeed be quite a handful even without having to give special thought to your tired tendons. Don’t let stress get the upper hand by checking out these helpful and, need I say, “handy” tips.


Refreshing reasoning

Still unconvinced by the sagacious Ms. Addams (after all, you don’t know her from Adam)? Go check out how many hand close-ups there are in wedding photo albums, and you will realize how much the brides’ hands are the real stars of your wedding day. So go ahead and indulge in revitalizing bridal hand spa treatments. These will not only give you smooth and silky hands that will go well with your classy engagement ring, but these can also give you other health benefits that are not just skin-deep. Hand massages help stimulate blood circulation, enabling the efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your cells. They can also decrease swelling, ease pain, and improve wrist and finger flexibility. Hand massages are also godsends to frazzled brides-to-be because they help reduce anxiety and stress, allowing much better sleep during those nights leading to the big event. 

Poised preparations

Great accomplishments don’t happen overnight. Okay, considering “having gorgeous hands” on your wedding day as a “great accomplishment” may be taking it a tad too far. But then again, it is your wedding day, the biggest day of your life, and every little detail counts! To optimize your bridal hand spa treatment experience, plan ahead of time. Do the pre-work. As early as now, get into the habit of protecting those precious hands by putting on sunscreen. An SPF of between 30 to 50 can supply adequate shielding from harmful UVB rays. The key is to apply sunscreen consistently. Also, if you’re into gardening or do a lot of housework, which can dry the skin, protect your fragile epidermis by wearing the appropriate gloves. Use paraben-free hand moisturizing lotions and, if you have a bit more diligence, wear gloves for overnight soaking. 

If you have not made regular manicures and hand massages a habit, start doing so at least three months before the wedding date. Giving yourself some head start in the hand care department will allow you ample time to compare the best spas and spa treatments to indulge in and ensure you are able to secure those bookings. Allot a twice-a-month frequency for your hand spa visits. Better yet, incorporate them into a full-on bridal spa package to save time and money. 

While you can opt for nail extensions, it may be a sensible idea to go au naturel. Having to think about an acrylic nail falling off is one worry you can let go of. Giving yourself plenty of prep time will enable your nails to grow out. Nail a polished look by trying out different colors and shapes in advance. Note though that dermatologists advise against cutting cuticles, as this may lead to irritation or even infection. It would be healthier to moisturize them regularly while giving your therapist or manicurist the go signal to push your cuticles back gently, with a cuticle stick, during your hand spa sessions. 


Top-notch treatments

The business of hand care and beautification has gone a long way from the simple use of animal fats, honey, and oils as ingredients for salves by ancient civilizations. Today, there are many pamper professionals who offer a myriad of luxurious ways to get you those gorgeous bridal hands. Among these is the paraffin wax treatment, which makes use of a soft,colorless wax called paraffin to give therapeutic heat. This procedure improves blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness, and softens hands. Another is the TCA peel which has trichloroacetic acid or TCA as its main ingredient. The chemical peel, which only takes about 30 minutes to apply, 

works by removing the dead cells of your skin, allowing a fresher and more youthful skin layer to surface. How about enzyme peels? They work on the same principle as chemical peels but use more natural fruit enzyme peels to slough off tired and damaged skin cells to improve your hands’ skin texture and appearance. As with all treatments, do your due diligence by first consulting with your physician or dermatologist to thoroughly consider any potential risks. 


Delectable DIYs

The widespread sharing of information over the web has turned many an ignoramus into a confident DIYer. If you’re the type who would want to “take matters into her own hands,” there is an abundance of self-service know-how that you can tap to become a skillful hand therapist. All you need is some good internet connection, a can-do-it attitude, and of course, some degree of patience. Start by mixing some Epsom salt into warm water for a soaking solution. Soak your hands into the solution for a few minutes. Then, with a hand rub made of one part brown sugar and two parts coconut or olive oil, scrub your hands and even cuticles for an energizing exfoliation. You can zhoosh up your spa treatment by using coffee grinds as an exfoliant mixed with honey and almond or sunflower oil. These are just several of many available DIY options. Don’t forget to use an extra pair of hands (if and where you can) for a soothing massage. This isn’t technically a DIY tip, but it does make use of the talent of your own tribe. Your loved ones will most likely be more than willing to “lend a generous hand” as a send-off gift. 


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