The First Music DeFi Platform, God of Musician

Smart contract-based Polygon The blockchain-based music NFT “God Of Musician” (G.O.M) is a game changer.It’s a billboard. The platform’s utility token is GOM. Introducing the whole chain will create the world’s biggest blockchain music platform. NFT can produce albums, melodies, lyrics, or even a single verse.

Gminer mines GOM coins. Gminer is graded. Intermediate, standard, premium. GOM coins can only be generated by airdrops and Gminer. Gminers create 1 GOM token every day. Gminers are limited-edition.

Next, users may stake or keep GOM tokens to gain additional money. How many tokens are bet determines the artist’s or musician’s income. Users may anticipate top 100 chart moves and receive incentives. Even if a user anticipates incorrectly, he won’t lose his GOM tokens.

As long as people vote and mine, Gsound holders will collect dividends. Higher Gsound ranks have commensurate rewards as the rank rises. Users can help excellent music and artists get attention.

Investors that vote for GSound and lock up money earn dividends. As GSOUND levels up, bearers have more rights and perks.


G.O.M coins may be used to unlock mining on Gsound. They may compete for the reward. This Gsound investor receives dividends.

It predicts rank changes in lock-up mining. You’ll win if your prediction is correct. Failure isn’t punished.


The platform allows DAO voting. GOM token holders may participate in management and decision-making. In a DAO, token holders vote collectively to exercise power. Because votes and DAO activity are documented on a blockchain, all user actions are public.


The project will be finished in four stages in 2022 and continue to grow. In the first step, the team will establish a website, collaborate with musicians, advertise on social media, release a white paper, and issue a token.

The second part will include artist presentations and Gminer pre-sales. Marketing and publishing will be done. Influencers will enhance marketing and establish a community.

In phase 3, the initiative will hire worldwide artists, develop Gsounds, and activate Godboard top 100 charts.

Finally, music trading and Gsound transactions begin.NFT holders may receive prizes.


First, users must create accounts. Artists may post albums and tracks as NFTs for users to listen to. Users may auction or exchange NFTs.

Follow their social media and website for additional information.