The luxurious wooden cabinets categories you should consider for your space

If you have a project of making kitchen cabinets, you need to remember detailed inspections. As a result of their undeniable appeal and vital worth, the craft of making cabinets has even developed into an alternate part of woodworking called “cabinetry.” In this article, we will explore the best wooden for kitchen cabinets that you can utilize. Inferable from the mind-boggling nature of kitchen cabinet progress. 

So, you might wind up utilizing a blend of woods for making them. For example, you may use wood for the doors and one more for making the edges. Thus, how about we get squarely into the kinds of wood you can use to assemble kitchen cabinets. So, without wasting a moment, let’s dive into the details.

Content to Explore

  1. Maple Wood
  2. Oak Wood
  3. Cherry Wood
  4. Walnut Wood 
  5. Rift Oak forevermark Cabinets

Maple Wood

This hardwood comes in shades of virtually white to a fragile cream tone. Maple has a smooth, fine grain. The color and surface of this wood are to such an extent that you can utilize it to make diverse cabinetry styles. Also, you can differentiate the door type in a like manner and match it with the environmental factors. Maple is not tricky to get and moderately simple to work. You are settling on it, a famous decision. You can either paint this wood or color or stain it to accomplish some excellent outcomes. 

Noticeable Features of Maple 

  • Appearance: Creamy-white to a light brown or dark, brilliant brown. Straight grain with a delightful surface. 
  • Durability: Extremely sturdy 
  • Hardness: 1,450 (Janka hardness) 
  • Density: 0.6-0.75 (103 Kg/M3) 
  • Workability: Easy to work with 
  • Cost: Expensive, yet tolerably estimated weighed with different hardwoods 

Oak Wood

We know Oak is a solid and durable wood. Also, it is a famous decision for making kitchen cabinets mainly as it arrives in a wide range of shadings. This wood makes some decent conventional displayed cabinets. However, today a few woodworkers are utilizing it to make more modern styles. The way that Oak is more promptly accessible. Also, it is less expensive than breaking oak settles on it, a well-known decision. The conformist decision for the outer layer of oak cabinets used to be to stain it. Be that as it may, today, with headways in wooden paint innovation, some intriguing paint completes are likewise arising. 

Projecting Features of Oak 

  • Appearance: Medium to dark brown 
  • Durability: Extremely sturdy whenever kept up with appropriately 
  • Hardness: 1290 (Janka hardness) 
  • Density: 0.6-0.9 (103 Kg/M3) 
  • Workability: Response well to both hand and machine apparatuses 
  • Cost: Expensive in many areas.

Cherry Wood

This one goes under the head of hardwoods, yet it is a lot milder wood in its group. Because of its energetic shading, that will, in general, darken with age and simple functionality. It will, in general, show up in top-of-the-line woodworking projects. The ageless, exemplary look that cherry grants settle on is a famous decision for kitchen cabinets. 

Striking Features of Cherry Wood 

  • Appearance: Reddish-Brown 
  • Durability: Susceptible to imprints and scratches with unpleasant use 
  • Hardness: 950 (Janka hardness) 
  • Density: 0.38-0.56 (103 Kg/M3) 
  • Workability: Easy to work with, pastes well and effectively takes screws and nails 
  • Cost: Moderately costly to very costly 

Walnut Wood 

Here is another hardwood with exquisite, straight grain and rich chocolaty-brown, one of a kind just to pecan. Also, this wood can be utilized in various styles that might fluctuate from customary and brief to modern because of the profound earthy colored appearance of the wood. So, pecan is not difficult to work with and just necessitates a light completion to draw out the grain’s best shading varieties. Further, you can utilize as Forevermark cabinets a darker completion for a more pleasing look. So, this makes pecan perhaps the most favored decision for building a kitchen cabinet. 

Notable Features of Walnut 

  • Appearance: Dark brown with dark streaks 
  • Durability: Highly sturdy 
  • Hardness: 1,010 (Janka hardness) 
  • Density: 0.49-0.7 (103 Kg/M3) 
  • Workability: Easy to work contingent upon the grain 
  • Cost: Expensive

Rift Oak forevermark Cabinets

This Oak has attributes, natural grain, and the wooden tone might fluctuate from beige to soft tan. The grain example and shading settle on this wood, a well-known decision for current plans. Yet you can’t preclude traditional or temporary design.  So, rift oak is trivially more costly than standard Oak. Further, this wood is not difficult to work with, and when aptly finished, the regular excellence of the wood sticks out. 

Remarkable Features of Rift Oak 

  • Appearance: Fine, straight grain with shading from beige to a rich. 
  • Durability: Extremely sturdy 
  • Hardness: 1290 (Janka hardness) 
  • Density: 0.6-0.9 (103 Kg/M3) 
  • Workability: Easy to work with 
  • Cost: One of the more costly assortments of hardwood.


Now that you are more aware of the kinds of wooden for kitchen cabinets. Also, you will be in an ideal situation to make some extraordinary ones. You will want to assemble kitchen cabinets that look great once you find out about the various kinds of wooden and what’s in store from each sort. That way, your kitchen forevermark cabinets will last you for quite a long time to come.

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