The Many Benefits Of Having Your Engagement Ring Customised

When you finally meet that special person who will be your soulmate through thick and thin, it is natural to want to make the union official and the symbol of the relationship is the engagement ring. Of course, there are many number of classic diamond engagement rings at the local jewellery shop, but for such an important and unique event, why not create the ring from scratch?

Choosing The Stones

Of course, diamonds will be on the menu and the custom jeweller has access to loose, uncut diamonds at trade prices. You might have a thing for sapphires or emeralds and they can be incorporated into the design. There are no limits when you design your own engagement ring and the custom jeweller can work to your budget.

One Of A Kind

There is not another human being alive who is identical to you or your partner and your relationship is truly one-of-a-kind. Any symbol of that relationship should also be a one off.  It is a common myth that a customised ring costs more than an existing piece. You would have an informal Zoom call with the jewellery maker so they can get an idea of your concept, then the expert can put together a 3D computer generated image of the ring design and after a few minor changes, the final design is approved by you. After a price has been agreed, the work can begin.

Personalise Your Symbol Of Love

If ever there was a time for hand-made art, an engagement of two people would be it. We all know you can say it with flowers, but you can also send out a very powerful message with a bespoke engagement rings Brisbane or the couples in your city prefer. Knowing that there is not another ring in the world that is identical really does mean something to the wearer and, of course, to their partner.


This is another aspect to consider with an engagement ring and when you choose a setting, you can be sure that the stones will be securely attached. If you are going to wear a ring every day, the design should be such that the ring will not catch fabric. The jeweller would make sure that the setting is suitable for an active lifestyle.


The great thing about designing your own engagement ring is that you get to call the shots. If you have a budget, the jeweller will work with that and create your idea of the perfect engagement ring, which may or may not include diamonds. Let’s not forget that this is an investment as well as a symbol of your union and costs are reasonable in the custom jewellery world.

Family Heirloom

Why not start a tradition and when your oldest daughter meets the man in her life, you can present her with the family heirloom that you had made. You would be surprised at how many women are wearing their mother’s engagement ring, which was hand-made all those years ago.