Tulum is a prominent metropolitan territory in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, known for its stunning beaches and architecture. This article will be helpful for you if you are visiting Tulum or Cancun city for producing content for your Instagram and other platforms in the form of pictures. Sharing experiences with other people has become a trend. So read this article and get some helpful information. 


What are Instagramable sites? 

 This term has become popular as more and more people use Instagram as a platform to document their experiences and share their lifestyles with friends and followers. 


Examples of Instagrammable sites include. Beautiful parks, Gardens, Colorful Street art and Murals, Picturesque Cafes, and Restaurants with Unique and photogenic architecture. These places are often sought out by people looking to create and share visually appealing content on their social media profiles.   


The best possible Instagrammable sites in Tulum. 

These are the sites that may fascinate you for clicking some pictures to post on your social media accounts. 


  1. Tulum Beach: Tulum’s main attraction is its beautiful beach, crystal-clear waters, and soft white sand. This is the perfect place to snap a photo for your Instagram feed. 


  1. Tulum Ruins: The Tulum Ruins are a Mayan archaeological site that offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding jungle. The ruins are particularly photogenic during sunrise or sunset when the light is soft and warm.  


  1. Casa Malca: This is a luxury boutique hotel that was once the home of Pablo Escobar. The hotel is known for its stunning interiors, beautiful artwork, and photogenic swimming pool.  


  1. Cenotes: Tulum is home to several natural sinkholes, called cenotes, filled with crystal-clear water. These cenotes are popular spots for swimming and snorkeling and make for beautiful photos.  


  1. Cobá Ruins: The Cobá Ruins are a Mayan archaeological site located about an hour from Tulum. The site features a giant pyramid with a panoramic view of the jungle and the surrounding area. 


  1. Azulik Eco-Resort: Azulik Eco-Resort is a unique hotel built entirely from natural materials and features stunning architecture and lush gardens. The resort is a popular photo spot, especially the incredible Infinity Pool.  


  1. La Zebra Beach Club: La Zebra Beach Club is a chic beach club known for its beautiful beach, stunning pool, and delicious cocktails. The club is a popular spot for photos, especially at sunset when the light is soft and warm.  


Whether you’re looking to capture stunning landscapes, breathtaking architecture, or just a beautiful moment with friends, Tulum has something for everyone. These are only a few Instagrammable sites in Tulum that you can explore during your visit.


Simple steps to capture photos from Instagrammable sites. 

Here are some general steps to help you capture great photos at Instagrammable sites. 


  • Plan your shot: Before you arrive at the site, research the location, and look for examples of photos that other people have taken there. Think about what kind of shot you want to capture and plan your composition accordingly.  


  • Arrive early or stay late: The lighting can significantly affect the look of your photo, so try to arrive early in the morning or stay late in the evening when the light is soft and warm. 


  • Use a tripod: If you’re taking photos with a camera, using a tripod can help you get sharp and stable shots, especially if you’re shooting in low-light conditions.  


  • Experiment with different angles: Feel free to get down low, climb up high, or move around to find the best grade.  


  • Think about the background: Pay attention to what’s in the background of your shot and make sure it’s not distracting.  


  • Use natural frames: Look for elements in the environment that can frame your subject, such as doorways, windows, or branches.  


  • Play with depth of field: Experiment with different aperture settings to control the depth of field and create a sense of dimension in your photos.  


  • Edit your photos: After taking them, consider editing them to bring out the best in the images. Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other settings to your liking.  


 These steps are guidelines; you should feel free to adapt and adjust them to suit your style and creativity.

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The Best Time to Capture Pictures. 

The best time to capture photos primarily depends upon various factors, including the location, the subject, and the desired mood or atmosphere. Here are some general tips to help you determine the best time to take photos. 


Golden Hour: The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are known as the “golden hour.” The light is soft and warm during these times, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. 


Mid-Day: Mid-day is often not ideal for taking photos because the light can be harsh and unforgiving. However, if you’re shooting in an indoor location or want a bright and vibrant look, this can be an excellent time to take photos.  


Nighttime: Nighttime can also be a great time to take photos, especially if you’re shooting in an urban environment with plenty of lights. The city lights can create a unique and exciting atmosphere. 


Consider the weather: Overcast days may be ideal for shooting because the soft, diffused light is easy on your subjects and provides a uniform, even light.  


The best time to take photos depends on your specific goals and the look you want. Try taking pictures at different day timings to see which time works best for your situation.


Are landscape shots better than others? 

It’s subjective to say whether landscape shots are “better” than other shots, as it depends on personal preferences and the photographer’s goals. Landscape shots can be beautiful and awe-inspiring, showcasing the majesty and scale of the natural world. They can also be an effective way to convey a sense of place or to document a particular location.