How to carry out a profitable BTC Futures Trading is primarily guided by BTCC. They have defined futures contracts as the types of derivatives product wherein their values are obtained from an underlying asset. This kind of asset could be vitally a bond, a stock, or a commodity. In the case of cryptocurrency futures trading, an underlying asset is however a cryptocurrency asset viz. a bitcoin or BTC.

In BTC Futures Trading unlike the conventional purchase of bitcoin from the spot market directly, a bitcoin is traded on leverage. This in other words signifies that you as an online trader can buffer up your power of purchasing as well as the potential profit by borrowing money as high as 150x from an incredible exchange like BTCC. 

Seven easy steps of BTC Futures Trading in BTCC

In BTCC, a user can immediately start buying and selling BTC Futures Trading in the following seven steps. Initially, a user has to visit and click on the trading button to safely enter the trading platform.

Secondly, he or she has to switch between the weekly and perpetual contracts of BTC Futures Trading. Here it is to be noted that Bitcoin perpetual contracts do not have any expiry period and a user can securely maintain his or her position as long as he or she optimally meets the requirements of the margin.

Thirdly, he or she has to choose the order wherein the market order is instant and the pending orders are the limit orders or stop orders. Fourth, he or she has to select the leverage that he or she prefers to trade and afford the involved risks.

In the fifth step of BTC Futures Trading, a user has to select the lot size that ranges from as low as 0.01 to a maximum of 2 lots, and in the regular BTC weekly futures contract, the lot size varies from a low of 0.01 to a high of 30 lot. 

In the sixth step, the stop-loss and take profit button is to be set by effectual switching of the S/L and T/P. And in the last step, a user has to click the buy or sell button to activate his or her order.

The benefits of BTC Futures Trading in BTCC

The prime advantage of BTC Futures Trading in BTCC is the easy yet detailed guidance that they have provided to their global customers. Moreover, buying or selling the limit orders is very quick and simple. For buying a user has to set a distance below the bid price and expect it to rise to hit the set price. And selling limit order is when a user feels that there will be a download trend in the futures trading of bitcoin.

Nonetheless, for any queries pertained to BTC Futures Trading one can quickly access the support or help center of BTCC. A user can enter his or her questions or keywords and find the answer and if the answers are not detected then it is advisable to swiftly contact the online customer service of