The ultimate student housing checklist

More often than not, students are forced to look for new accommodation when they move to college or universities. Depending on the location and the regulations of the learning institutions, students might be given accommodation in the college or university. In contrast, other institutions recommend students to look for alternative housing. 

Looking for affordable and comfortable student housing is one doting exercise with such eventuality. Students need to have a specific checklist when seeking alternative housing to adapt faster. If you want a residence that is fully furnished to your specifications, you should definitely look at luxury apartment floor plans.

Check for availability of space and parking

Colleges and Universities located in city centers have a challenge with parking due to limited space. This will be replicated to the housing situation because of the congestion due to city status. As such, it is essential to conduct prior research on your checklist and find the best alternative housing that has ample parking. 

Other ways of sorting out the parking menace are knowing how much the parking permits cost and purchasing them early before moving into the house. A well-designed house should have ample parking, especially if the houses are shared accommodation. If you are a student in need of a luxurious shared space with amenities and study areas while studying in San Diego, California, Alexan San Diego is the place to visit. 

Alexan has the best all-in-one stations with well-equipped amenities favorable for students looking for extra comfort during their time in university and colleges within California. Another critical aspect of checking about housing is social and personal interaction with other students. If it’s co-sharing, it is essential to find a friend you will be comfortable with to minimize misunderstandings.

Are your personal belongings insured?

When sourcing for a student house, ensure you find a secure location that guarantees your safety. There are housing apartments that have already procured property insurance services, making them more secure for occupancy. There are many cases of burglary and theft often witnessed in students’ houses, especially when they are the new occupants. 

Some students might be lucky, especially if they still enjoy the possession insurance cover of their parents. As a student, your possessions are your valuable assets, and having them insured at your place of residency should be your utmost responsibility.

Ensure all utility bills are sorted out

This is a critical area when it comes to sourcing housing for students. Student housing specializing in house-sharing facilities is always affected by accrued utility bills. This is because when students move in and start co-sharing, it might be challenging to keep track of the utilities and vacation from time to time. 

Managers must sort out any pending utility bills before leasing the houses to new students. This should be on top of your checklist if you want to avoid paying utility bills that belong to someone else. Also, before moving in, ensure that the utility bills are standardized and affordable. As students, you don’t have an income because you solely depend on your parents for finances. Before moving into the house, paying utility upfront is essential because it will allow you to settle down and concentrate on your studies because some are one-off charges. 

If you are moving in with friends to co-share the accommodation, it is essential to discuss how you will manage the payment of the utilities. As friends, cost-sharing may work in your favor because of the reduced cost compared to occupying the whole house for yourself.


Many different companies are offering affordable accommodation and housing for students. There is information online that students can access, especially when they get calling letters on where to access affordable housing. Having a well-defined checklist is necessary for every student before sourcing accommodation. 

The proximity of the housing to the school is another fundamental aspect to be considered on your housing checklist. This will ease your travel between the school and your apartment and reduce the hustle of looking for transportation. 

More critical before you accept enrolment to a school, parents should learn about the accommodation situation before allowing the kids to report for studies. From our discussion above, any student willing to develop a housing checklist should incorporate the points discussed above as the priority for a successful stay at the school.

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