Things Newbie Modders Should Know About Modding Seiko Watches

Watch modification or modding is the process of replacing the original parts of a watch with new ones to change it aesthetically or mechanically. It’s a hobby popular with a certain portion of the watch community. Many wearers and enthusiasts enjoy doing it for different reasons, but one that sticks out is altering their watch to make a new watch.

When it comes to watch modding, Seiko’s watches are popular bases to use. They make different models such as their Seiko 5 collection that modders can enjoy changing. Their timepieces are the best way to start for people who want to be modders and put their own twist on wristwatches.

If you plan on getting into this hobby, you have to learn things about modding. So here is some useful information for newbie modders about modding Seiko watches.

Modding options

Now that you know that Seiko is the brand to choose for modding bases, you should learn about the modifications you can make. When modding a Seiko watch, you can take two ways: full overhaul and subtle and classic. Some watches are better suited for one, while others look nice with either, like the versatile mod base Seiko Yachtmaster.

A full overhaul mod is a product of combining parts from other brands with a Seiko watch. You pick a model as your base, then find parts of different watches to attach to it. There is no need to limit yourself to a single watch; you can choose parts from different brands and combine them with your Seiko base watch to create a distinct timepiece for yourself.

On the other hand, a subtle and classic mod is on the simple side of things. It’s about making simple changes, such as replacing your Seiko mod base watch’s hands with a different color. Subtle mods transform the watch to complement its wearer with the slightest changes.

Basic modding needs

You have to be prepared and equipped to mod a Seiko watch or any other watch you will use as your base. Here are the basic things you need for modding:

Knowledge of watches

You must at least grasp how a watch works before modding one. It’s not something you can do on the fly because while watches are small, they can be complex. You need to know watch functions and how to move parts around without ruining them.

Basic repair kit

You also need a basic repair kit for the tools you will use for modding. You can find and purchase various kits online and in physical shops. Once you have one, read the manual to learn how to use each tool in your kit.

Proper modding space

Make yourself a conducive space for modding your Seiko watch. Have one where you can organize watch parts and your tools to find them easily while working.

Wrap up

Watch modding is a more affordable way to have the watch you want. With Seiko watches, you can customize yourself a new watch that you built. Remember that you are not an expert and don’t do things out of your comfort zone, and you will enjoy being a modder.

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