Things You Should Remember While Making a Banner

We all have seen traditional banners while travelling in cars, busses, and trains. As we are under the umbrella of covid-19, the whole world shifted from face-to-face work to virtually. So, digital banners have overcome the traditional ones.

Banners are a creative form of marketing that should be clickable by viewers. It displays image and text, promoting the products and services of any brand. To get more and more clicks, the focus on banner design is crucial. People do not come to web pages to see ads; you must place the banners wisely. So, the banners should be captivating. This blog post will discuss some crucial points you should remember to make a banner captivating.

Know your audience!

The first thing that you should keep in mind while making a banner design is the targeted audience. What type of audience is the designer making the banner for? Age, gender, demographics, economic background, lifestyle, and other various aspects a designer should keep in mind while making a banner. It will immensely help the advertiser to make more benefits.


There are standard sizes of the banner, but mostly the banner’s size depends on the product. According to Google Adsense, these are the dimensions for the size we can use:

  • 300×250 – medium rectangle
  • 336×280 – large rectangle
  • 728×90 – leaderboard
  • 300×600 – half page
  • 320×100 – large mobile banner


The success of a good banner design also depends on the position of the banner on a web page. The highly preferred positions are close to the content, above the fold, and near other captivating content.


There are two types of background, i.e., color background and photo background.

  • Color background – It highlights the message, which should be readable. The background should be solid and simple so that we can easily add lots of features.
  • Photo background – It is for services but not for product sale. The text on the banner should be clear and eye-catching.


Hierarchy is simple scanning of the excerpts and is the essential part of banner design. A designer focuses on the rules of hierarchy to place important information on the banner. Normally, while reading, our eyes move first from the left top corner to the right top corner, then center, then at the end of the page. Therefore, it is essential to place important information on these places so that the reader can easily and quickly see the information. Note that the logo, value of proposition and call of action should be placed in these places.


The banner heading should be striking, short, and can speak the primary purpose of the advertisement. It can be witty, humorous and can be imperative like come on, celebrate, now etc.


To get more attention from the viewers, we should use appealing fonts. According to web design, the following are a few names of attractive fonts:

  • Rhinos Rocks Brush font
  • Spark Pro
  • Air Balloon
  • Weisshorn
  • Indulge


Similarly, like fonts, there are attention-grabbing colors too. These colors have specific meaning in the marketing world. It is better to use these colors according to your content. Following are the colors with their purpose:

  • Red – denotes power.
  • Blue – signifies coolness and trustworthiness.
  • Pink – grabs attention.
  • Yellow – represents commands.
  • Green – symbolises health, environment, and goodwill.
  • Purple – implies royalty and elegance.
  • Gold – highlights wealth.
  • Orange – denotes energy.
  • Brown – means comfort and relaxation.
  • Black – indicates versatility.


Using images is best while creating a banner design as it reduces verbosity and gives way more information regarding the product and services. However, the use of lots of images sometimes does not seems appropriate. It’s better to add pictures that will give the reader reality and the actuality of the product.


The colors on the banner you are using should complement the page and be related to the website’s content. Since people easily trust ads that are complementing the page.

Enticing Incentives

A great way to have more customers is to have an enticing incentive. The incentives create a motivation and attraction to customers. The incentives can be like discounts, sales, giveaways, deals, freebies etc.

Avoid Confusion

Do not toss everything in the design, as it can make the banner overwhelming. If you want to add more material, create a new banner, or make multiple ads.

File size

The smaller the size, the quicker the ad will appear on the web page. Large files banner takes time to appear, and this result in less viewership of the ad. According to Google Adwords, the file size of the banner should be under 150KB.


The animations provide a type of enticement to viewers, and it also outshines the steady banners. Too much use of animations in a banner can displease the customers and will disrupt the banner design. Note that the average speed of animation should be 15 seconds.

Click Here For More Info

The click here or more info button should be on the banner. The button should be prominent and in highlighted colors so the viewer of the banner can easily see.